User: Blueeyiz702

Location: Las Vegas,Nevada

Corporate or other store: Other Store

Feedback: i went to store when i noticed that my data connection was slow,just paid additional money for more data as i teather. i called cricket had no record of data being paid for and took 2 hours and 3 calls,rediculoius to get resolved! only to find out when you for instance add 1gb to data plan your only getting half that even tho they its advertised as one gig!csr at cricket told me they charge one dollar for evry 50 mgbytes of data you ten gets you half gig instead of 1gig as advertised! thats bad advertisement on crickets part,and straight lying to customer! very poor service considering they make a gazillon dollars a year they lie to customer! they really need to take care of this,id really like to file complaint and find out why theey just dont tell the truth,whats big deal! and store i went to guy couldnt even get off chair to help,how lazy. thats authorizwed dealer,shame shame on cricket!fix this its not about the money,its that we are people paying salaries and keep in business, so dont you think cricket we deserve a little better csr and reps at store. of course we do but if that happens ill pass out,hah.a. and finally this aint first time i lostt 400 dollars with you over phone that couldnt be provisioned! getting tire of lies please give use some respect! laterz