Out of respect for our customers, Cricket (@Cricketnation) has worked with Twitter to enable Twitter messaging for all its cell phone devices. After several months of listening to customers’ feedback, we knew that being able to Tweet via Cricket cell phones was a very important issue and key feature customers wanted in their devices. Now, everyone can enjoy more of their unlimited text by staying in touch with their followers and friends while tweeting via Cricket anytime they want.

How to use Twitter with your mobile device

To verify your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. In the upper right hand navigation bar, click Settings
  3. Click the third settings tab, Devices
  4. Add your phone number, with country code first (+1 is the US country code; a US phone number would look like this: +14153368687)
  5. Wait for the verification code to pop up
  6. Text the verification code to Twitter using the number given in the devices page. US residents should always see 40404- if you see another number, you might’ve added the number in the wrong format.

How do I send direct messages from my phone?

Send a direct message to anyone on Twitter using the direct message command, d + username, like this: d Cricketnation message goes here

Make sure to use the user name (found in the profile URL) and not the real name, or it will post to the public timeline, or go to someone else!

More Twitter phone FAQcan be found

We respect everyone’s feedback and thank you for all of your patience as we strive to provide the best experience when using your Cricket devices.

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