has announced today that they too will be moving forward with plans to purchase devices on payments. Their new flexible financing comes in three flavors, with a category for everyone.
For users with good credit, Cricket will be offering a plan with no financing fees. For users with questionable credit, but still qualify, there will be a plan with low financing fees, and for folks who would rather skip the credit check all together there's a plan that will still offer competitive financing rates. For some phones, these plans will require a down payment. These down-payments will start at $25. Full details will follow in a Leap Wireless (Cricket's parent company) press release.
In addition to the phone payment options, Cricket also announced a major update to the
Muve Music service

. The new 4.0 version of the service will feature a new user interface to access all the features, and subscribers will no longer need to have a special SD card to use the music service. The new Muve Music 4.0 will first be available on the
Samsung Galaxy S3

, the
Samsung Galaxy S4

, the
Samsung Galaxy Discover

and the Samsung Galaxy Admire 2. Other devices will follow later in the year.
For more details, visit the Leap Wireless site below.
Leap Wireless