Cricket Wireless

has hosted a few promotions that competed directly with T-Mobile and other prepaid carriers, but most of their promotions haven’t seemed all that aggressive. Last Friday, Cricket launched several aggressive promotions that added even more data, reduced phone prices through mail-in rebates and even launched an entirely new plan that has a ridiculous amount of data for the price.
New Plans

The newest plan, called the “Advanced Plan” is being advertised as ‘limited time only.’ I haven’t seen any specific dates as to when this plan will be no longer available, but if you sign up for it, there is a good chance that users could be grandfathered once the promotion ends.
The plan comes with unlimited talk, text and low speed data, with a whopping 20 GB of 4G LTE data per month. All of this costs $60 per month which,*when bundled with the auto pay reduction, could come down to as little as $55 with all taxes and fees included. It’s pretty sweet, although I can’t imagine using that much data per month, personally.
Increased Plan Data

Pretty much
all of the plans

gained additional data. All plans also currently include unlimited talk, text and throttled data. Here is what the plans look like right now:

  • $40 – 2.5 GB (was 1 GB)
  • $50 – 5 GB (was 3 GB)
  • $60 – 10 GB
  • $60 (Advanced Plan) – 20 GB

All plans can qualify to get $5 off by signing up for auto pay, which makes the plans even more affordable and competitive. Signing up for auto pay is completely optional.
Phone Promotions

Cricket Wireless has several promotional prices
available*for phones

, mostly in the form of
mail-in rebates

. These deals are available until April 9. Here are a few examples of the rebates you can find:

  • Nokia Lumia 635 – Free after mail-in rebate ($99)
  • Nokia Lumia 530 – Free after mail-in rebate ($49)
  • Moto G – $24.99 after mail-in rebate ($99)
  • HTC Desire – $79.99 after mail-in rebate ($129)

Free Month of Service

New customers who purchase two months of the Smart, Pro or Advanced plans can receive the third month free. This promotion is only available in stores, and to*qualify for it, you must port over a number with your new line of service and keep your account active and in good standing. The plan is only available to new customers, and not applicable for AT&T or Cricket CDMA customers.
For more information on the promotions and conditions, check out the
press release

. Visit
Cricket Wireless

to take a peek at the full line of phones and other features.
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