Low internal specs, but at least you can drop it in the sink and not worry

If there's one thing Kyocera is known for, it's releasing
inexpensive waterproof devices for carriers

. Building on its relatively successful "Hydro" line, the Kyocera Hydro Plus is headed to Cricket today for just $139 — and that's without a contract. This 3.5-inch (320 x 480) device is rated for 30 minutes of exposure in three feet of water, but given the price you can't expect much on the internal spec sheet.
We're looking at a 1GHz processor, a 3.2MP camera, 2GB of storage (with a 4GB SDcard in the box), 512MB of RAM and a 1500mAh battery. Thats all running Android 4.0 with little customization from Kyocera or Cricket aside from the Muve Music service and a few pre-installed apps. You'll also be sticking to just 3G on this handset — this price point just doesn't support the inclusion of an LTE radio.
If you know someone on Cricket looking for an extremely cheap device that'll get the job done for basic tasks and is also waterproof, this may be one of the few choices.

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