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    complete NOOB iPhone 4 sprint to cricket

    okay so I've looked at quite a few of the threads and I've jailbroken using redsn0w. So I'm running iPhone 4 5.1.1 sprint bad esn 8gb, got it on craigslist $70, but it's my first iPhone before I had an iPod so I'm totally new to this.

    So my questions, I understand that I am flashing my phone to cricket. I've looked at the plans and have seen $25, $35, $45, and $55. What is Full Flashing and am I only going to be able to talk and text or will I be able to use data also? If I can use Data which plan works with the iPhone and is mobile web (listed on the $25, $35) the same as Data or is it something else? When i have my phone flashed and all ready to go (I do not have a cricket account right now) how do I get it on a cricket phone plan, and when I'm talking to the phone rep what do I tell them as far as phone information goes? And lastly does cricket care that we all have flashed iPhones on their service, I mean it's my iPhone i should be able to do what i want with it, but I am curious.

    Thanks very much

    Edit: I've been working on flashing my phone I've downloaded openssh, but when I go to download easy flash studio cydia says could not find repository. I checked my spelling, reinstalled cydia, checked my wifi connection, and lastly tried another source (that one worked fine) so whats wrong?
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    didn't think they allowed flashed iphones anymore since they are official resellers. not sure since i would never get one, but i thought it was part of the arrangement



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