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    I think I'm screwed...Verizon iPhone flash to Cricket in NY Read more: http://cdmagu

    Since my Verizon contract is almost over and I did not want to renew till the new


    is out, I have tried to flash

    iPhone 4

    CDMA iOS 5.1.1 to Cricket - I think I have failed

    While reading all the flashing tutorials either I have missed it or it wasn't mentioned that one of the hardest parts of flashing the iPhone is getting your MEID on the Cricket system. I think in NY they don't allow it - I'm waiting to hear back from Cricket since I gave them my iPhone's converted MEID and they are "escalating" it.

    Today my


    is not working

    After flashing my iPhone, I don't see any carrier name listed in the upper left hand corner. Under General settings there is no network.

    When I try to dial out, it asks me if I want to make a collect call. Any combination of # numbers to activate it, doesn't work. When someone tries to call me on my


    (still with Verizon) it goes straight to voicemail as if my phone is switched off (not on the network).

    I have even tried to reload iOS 5.1.1 hoping that I can at least still connect on the Verizon network - no luck.

    I have used flashing method posted on
    [Tutorial] Apple iPhone 4 Full Flash to Cricket Wireless (talk, text, Internet, MMS)

    Is there anything I can do to put iPhone back on the Verizon network? If that's not an option, I guess I have to move forward with trying to get it working on Cricket. Based on my information, is adding iPhone's MEID to Cricket database the last step I need? If that's the case, where do I seek help?

    I don't think going to one of the Cricket retailers (Best Buy) in this case will do the trick.

    Thank you for any help/suggestions/words of encouragement

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    Just restore in itunes. But do it in itunes cause if you do a factory reset on the iphone and youre jailbroken, it will mess up the iphone.




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