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Your iPhone is fully flashable now....the only caveat is that the jailbreak is a tethered one.....if you can live with that, you are good to go. I have been flashing iPhones on 6.0-6.0.1 since the Beginning of Oct.....Full Flash for Verizon iPhones and Talk, text, web, and apps, but no MMS for Sprint iPhones. Most dealers just don't have the time to support a tethered jailbreak for their customers (they would end up spending their entire day rebooting iPhones and never getting anything done)....so do the leg work yourself and jailbreak it before you take it in to someone. That should grease the wheels at at least one of your local stores....and all you need is one.

*edit---If you have updated to 6.1.1....you're screwed..sorry.
I will see what tethered means and see if someone can do this for me locally, but if not is it possible to get it done online? How about you? If not , that's cool. Either way, thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.