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    Post Sprint / Virgin Mobile iPhone 4 Flash to VERIZON Pre-Paid

    My Steps to Flash
    [ SPRINT/Virgin Mobile iPhone 4 ] to Verizon Pre-Paid

    [ Planz ]
    $60 2GB and Unlimited
    $70 4GB Unlimited Plans
    Going here to [ Activate ] the iPhone 4 on Verizon:

    [ THIS IS NOT A - Cricket or Page Plus - Flash well kinda Page Plus LOL ]

    Using [ Magical Phones ] from
    1. Jailbreak it - duh

    2. Install [ Open SSH ]

    3. iPhoneToolBox by [ pageplus ] & [ comm-patch ]

    4. send [ ##626# ] command using iPhoneToolBox by [ trust me ]

    5. magical phones / Remote Squad [ pageplus ]

    6. reboot tethered if u has to

    7. ##626# or ##626#000000# then try ##626 call then ##626# untell u get into the SPC/MDN/MIN

    8. after you see service go ahead and [ *228 ] after done you should has [ web - talk - send text ] yes its ok to *228 this Flash

    9. install [ Pinger ]

    10. DONE!
    Now you has a [ Sprint/Virgin Mobile ] -> [ iPhone 4 ] on Verizon Wireless

    For some reason you might get [ Unknown & or Blank Text ] or no [ MMS ] so just install the [ PINGER ] for your customers!

    This Solution was Made by [ Twilight_Sparkle ] on accident for a Customer and now i will share with you! if you think i [ STOLEN THIS ] GO PONY YOUR SELF! ]

    Please do not #BASH, the Pony!
    If you Love this Post, find the [ STAR ICON ] and [ Like/Approve Post! ]

    [ NOTICE ]
    i do not mind people sharing or taking my post, i do not mind if they say its theirs and do not have to say where they found it, but i do ask, that if u wanna make Improvements or Add-Ons or Fix or other to Keep it in this post for others then to be stupid and build another post and now there are MULTI POSTS and people get lost and confused!

    [ Note ]
    this might sound all PonY!, but please do not ask me questions or pm me about this, just follow my steps and or find out more on your own & from this post, i hate having to pony questions and answers out! my [ hoofs ] can only type so much unlike you [ Humans ] not to #Bash you all!
    Last edited by Twilight_Sparkle; 09-25-2013 at 01:42 AM. Reason: Flash Sprint/Virgin 2 VZW

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