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[ ROM / 11-19 ] Calkulin's E4GT v1.5a [EG31 l Fast l Tweaked l Battery Saver Script] - xda-developers

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[ ROM / 11-19 ] Calkulin's E4GT v1.5a [EG31 l Fast l Tweaked l Battery Saver Script]

E4GT Series

Based on rooted 2.3.4 / EG31(EG30 Rev 5)

ROM includes:
Rogue Renegade kernel
Most Samsung apps
EStrongs File Explorer
HTC_IME mod keyboard
Wireless Tether
and a couple more
(Removed apps are in the sdcard/Removed_Apps folder)

MODs included:
Tweaked system(Very FAST)
Kernel is undervolted by 50mV(Check the FAQ for different voltages)
Necrosan's Hotspot Hack to unlock Sprint Hotspot & USB tethering
Moved dalvik-cache to cache partition
Reduced auto-brightness range for better battery life
Removed haptic feedback from dialer
Notification bar will display TRUE network speeds, 2G(1x when used) & 3G(EVDO)
Reboot & Recovery power menu options
Swapped phone & message buttons in dialer
TouchWiz launcher displays 5 dock icons & 5x5 app drawer
Disabled screen on when charge hits 100%
Browser UA string selection
Removed CIQ service
Removed Camera sounds
Removed messaging from call logs
Colored notification icons
Battery % on battery meter
Transparent notification background
Removed USB Debug notification
Upped MMS send size limit to 5MB
Annoying ads in programs are blocked
And other misc tweaks/mods

System has also been de-odex'd, apk's have been optimized & aligned

Notes about Battery Saver script

Can be used with kernels that have init.d support

It completely eliminates the need for an application to set CPU speeds or profiles
Easily customizable if you use a text editor(scripts located in /system/etc/init.d)
It will set Max CPU speed to 500MHz & Min CPU speed to 200MHz when a sleep
If SetCPU, Overclock Widget, Android Overclock or QuickClock Advanced Overclock are detected, the script is ignored, so it will not affect them

Preset profiles are:
1.2GHz - 100-85%
1.0GHz - 84-36%
800MHz - 35-0%

And just an FYI, even at 800MHz, the phone still operates very well & smooth but the battery saving are the real benefit

Based on new EG31(EG30 Rev 5) build
Changed kernel to Rogue Renegade v1.1.3(v1.5a) - Must use new v1.1+ undervolting scripts
Fixed Task Manager in Bare ROM(v1.5a)
Restored Kies & Social Hub in Full version(v1.5a)
Added Bare essentials version that removes a lot of the extra apps
Disabled ring/notification volume sync
Removed Polaris Office until I fix it
Removed DRM
Removed over 10MB of extra wallpapers
Disabled screen on when charge hits 100%
Reduced overall ROM size

Adobe Flash Player v11.1.102.59
YouTube v2.3.4


v1.1 Fixed browser & other minor issues introduced in v1.0* Fixed missing apps from Market Fixed some apps/games not launching Tweaked Conservative governor settings Added Necrosan's Hotspot hack(modded to fix browser scrolling) App Widget Picker v1.2.3 Detection of Android Overclock & QuickClock Advanced Overclock to scaling script Updated Adobe Flash Player v11.0.1.153 v1.0 Initial Release

Important Notes - Due to how this ROM is setup, a wipe is recommended BEFORE flashing(use FORMAT ALL attached)

You must have a custom recovery to flash this ROM

Be sure to do a backup before flashing and read the change log




(v1.5a) - Same as regular minus some apps

E4GT ROM Update

(v1.5 to v1.5a)

Previous ROM versions

Modem - Must be flashed through PHONE option in ODIN

If you have 3G\4G connection issues, be sure to update Profile after updating by going into Settings\About phone\System updates


- Latest - Fixes LoSi


(Same as EG30)

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