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    HTC Evo 4G LTE

    my computer wont recognize my sprint galaxy s2

    im having trouble getting my computer to recognize my galaxy s2
    i wanna flash it to cricket.every time i plug in the phone all it does it charge,
    nothing else.i already dialed ##8778# i put the setting on "all" but nothing.

    i also restarted the phone with the usb plugged in,and nothing
    ive also put the phone in dowload mode while being connect to the usb,and nothing

    i also can't use odin,since my phone wont get detected

    i dowload the drives from the website and also installed them.

    looks like its just this phone,i plugged in other phones,and my computer recognize them perfect with no truoble

    can someone please help me out
    im willing to give a small donation of $15 via paypal
    if someone can help me out with this issue
    Last edited by adalid1988; 03-30-2012 at 11:39 AM.

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    You never said what kind of computer you're using. If you're using a desktop, something that might be retarded but others have said works is this: Plug your cable directly into one of the USB ports on the BACK of the computer. Also, if you haven't tried yet, make sure USB Debugging is off. Those two things along with using a good Micro-USB cable seem to do the trick for most people having issues with their computer not recognizing their phone.

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    cc, tx

    Most likely XP. I had the same issue, and it was a PITA.

    If you installed the samsung drivers, remove them via program manager. Then upgrade Windows Media Player from v9 to v10, then to v11. You will have to do the Windows Genuine advantage dance. After that, install the drivers again and reboot.

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    USB debugging on makes my device show



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