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    Troubles on Flashed Rooted Epic 4g Touch

    Well I had a coworker of mine tried to root my flashed Epic 4g Touch. Needless to say he didn't really know what he was doing, at least on not on my phone(he flashed his galaxy Nexus). So my boot animation isn't showing, and i'm getting a yellow traingle upon booting up. Not only that , but my wifi is not working as well. and i'm getting a few service issues.

    Is there a way to un-root my phone. I just want it back to stock, it was fine the way it was. He said when the official ics update comes out I can just update my phone and that would automatically unroot it. He says since he's never rooted/unrooted a flashed cricket phone, that when you unroot it back to stock I might have to reflash it to cricket. Is this correct? this would suck terribly as I don't really want to pay again to have it done.

    PLz Help

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    The yellow triangle at boot is normal when you flash a custom non-samsung rom, kernel or modem. From what it sounds like, your friend must have flashed on of the rooting kernels for the phone, probably the LostKernel. Which is an older kernel, but will still work to get you rooted and have CWM as your custom recovery.

    What you want to do is flash the EL26 or el29 kernel and the official ek02 modem found

    after flashing the root kernel.

    The only way to unroot is to flash a stock pulled .tar file through ODIN.

    If you do flash back to stock with ODIN, you will lose the Cricket flash.

    If all this sounds like mumbo jumbo, you will need to do LOTS of reading in the wiki, good luck.

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