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Consult your S6 or G6.

Anyways not many people have Cricket broadband. You have a Windows machine I assume? Control panel > programs?
Yup, Vista 64 bit. Control Panel - Uninstall a program, I click it and it says close it then try again. That then is the problem 'cause I can't close it. Later today I'll call technical support see if they can assist me in the uninstall. All things considered, it is in memory so have to get it out of there so it won't start at laptop start up. Left bottom taskbar click Windows icon, type in msconfig and you'll see what loads at start up. Can't find anything relative to it. Another way, type in services you'll see a list that should have the broadband software listed, name in last column right. Nothing I see about Cricket or whatever, but the software could have been done by a second party company & I don't know their name.
Thanks for the reply and I'll let u know what tech support says.

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You're a bit of an asshole aren't you? This forum isn't run or endorsed by cricket. Just wait patiently or go somewhere else.

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Like the old adage says: IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE. HeHeHeHe!
Didn't I see Cricket dealers in here? I see you have over 600 posts which tells me you are a real mouthy cuss. Listen up slick, I did my time in hell and NOBODY of your funky character tells me where I can and can't go. I am a long time member of a lot of BIG computer forums and all I need do is post my broadband trouble on those sites and Cricket gets a big kick in the butt. But, I shan't do that because of a limp weanie like you. OH! Hark! What is that I hear? Why it's yo' ma'ma calling you for feeding time. Later Dude.