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    Need advice on how to get connected with either a um100 modem or the A600 modem

    I have an activated and current Cricket broadband account with a um100 modem. I recently had my laptop upgraded to Windows 7 and my Cricket software for connecting using the um100 modem was accidently erased. I have lost my installation cd for this um100 modem. Now I have a Cricket A600 modem that a friend of mine no longer uses and no longer has an account. I put this modem into my laptop and all the Cricket broadband software loaded up for this A600 modem. It will not connect and I guess that is because the account for this A600 modem is not activated and it has a different phone number for connecting. Is there a way to get connected without getting rid of my account with the um100 modem and if so, how do I do it? Or should I get rid of my account with um100 modem and activate the account with A600 modem? I understand each modem has two different phone numbers for connecting Can I get the same phone number I have for the um100 modem transferred to the A600 modem or do I have use a phone number that is programmed for the A600 modem? Is this something that I need to go to a Cricket store to do or can i do this with the help of Cricket's technical support over the phone? One more question, I have talked to Cricket's tech support over the phone and they keep asking me for an authorization number which I don't know what that is and they tell me that I need to go a Cricket store to get this number. Can someone tell me what is this number and is going to a Cricket store the only way to get it? Thank you so very much, Bubbit

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    the modem you got from your friend is still on an account. you will be unable to put it on your account or make any changes without the authorization number (pin number/AID) from that person's account.

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    Hi. Heres the link to the software. Keep in mind windows 7 does not recognize your device automatically. You would have to follow the steps below to get it to work.

    First go here


    1.Double-click the quicklinkmobile.exe application from cricket. It will unpack a folder with the*installation*files in the same folder the quicklinkmobile.exe app is residing.*2.Go in that folder and click on start.exe, then click on install quick link mobile. Go through the normal setup as you normally would.*3.Once it finishes installing, connect your UM100*UTStarcom*modem on a free USB Port. Don't open the Cricket Wireless application just yet.*4. Go to start menu, right click on Computer and select properties. Then click on device manager on the left. You will find the UM100 modem has an exclamation point on it.*5.Right click it and select update driver. Select "Browse*mycomputer*for driver" Option at the bottom. Click on Browse to select a driver from a location, then navigate to your root drive (usually C: and sometimes D*then to Program Files (x86)/Cricket/Quick Link Mobile/System*6.Make sure you navigate to this cricket wireless installation folder. It should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cricket\QuickLink Mobile\System. Once you find it click ok. Make sure "Include subfolders" is selected under it. Click on "next" and now it will install the driver.*7. After it installs, it will create two more Unknown devices with exclamation points. Wait a couple of minutes for the system to finish up installing that one before you continue with this instructions.*8. Now repeat steps 5 and 6 above for each of the two unknown devices until there are no more devices with exclamation points in device manager.



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