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About Twilight_Sparkle

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About Twilight_Sparkle
Order received, Noblesse Oblige, I pray for your continued service as a Cricket User.

Dear Cricket Users,

1. i no longer accept Private Messages due to over spamming & people just wanting to make money off other peoples work or just work. i believe in sharing free info for all to use.
2. i believe that we should POST or COMMENT, your findings for ALL to share & use for FREE.

3. you have something useful, please post it in the right FORUM area for all to use.
" open source knowledge base " is key to freedom. stop selling it, you are acting like BIG BROTHER!

NOTICE: i don't buy or sell info (.!) i post what i know for free in the FORUMS.
if you wanna sell or buy... there is a place somewhere in this site that allows you to market.

1. if you liked Post's, then find the [ Reputation ] and like/approval it
2. If you hate or dislike something i did in a post or posted.. plz try not to #BASH the Pony....
3. i hate the word/text [ AUTHORIZED DEALER ] just say i am a DEALER no need for AUTHORIZED.
how many cell phones carrier post AUTHORIZED, on there shop door or sign any more?.... lol
When people read or see AUTHORIZED, they think crap im going to be paying a lot, or crap this person will blow my mind and make me feel more stupid then i am or crap this store is out of my league, come on people stop scaring your customers, be like the Apple Store, wear Jeans and a normal color shirt, and look as your customers dont make them feel as you would.

My Past Works?
1. Flashing Phones since 2008
2. BYOP-ING PHONES Since 2008
3. Unlocking GSM Codes Since 2010
4. Website building Since 2005
5. Running a PBX in a Flash, Phone System, + Unmask Blocked Calls to Revel there # Since 2010
6. Fixing Computers Since 2007
7. Working in Cricket Store, Since 2006
8. Trying to help the helpless, Priceless.
9. Reading the most.... Disturbed Posts & ones that make no since, also Priceless.

What Kinda " Dealer " i am?
1. Cricket Wireless ( Recommend 100% ) [ Runs off TRUE AT&T 4G LTE ]
2. Red Pocket Mobile ( Recommend Kinda... ) [ Runs off MVNO AT&T ] NO 4G LTE
3. Net10 ( Recommend ) [ Runs off MVNO T-Mobile & AT&T 4G LTE ] Pink Sim = T-Mobile & Blue Sim = AT&T
4. Simple Mobile ( not recommend ) [ Runs off MVNO T-Mobile ] in my area
5. GoSmart ( not recommend ) [ Runs off MVNO T-Mobile ] in my area
6. Spot Mobile ( not recommend ) [ Runs off MVNO T-Mobile ] in my area
7. H2O Wireless ( Recommend Kinda... ) [ Runs off MVNO AT&T ] NO 4G LTE
8. GoPhone AT&T ( not recommend ) [ Runs off AT&T ]
9. Verizon Pre-paid ( not recommend ) [ Runs off Verizon ]
10. T-Mobile Pre-paid ( not recommend ) [ Runs off T-Mobile ] in my area
11. some other strange ones not even worthy listing.... trash lol

i live in another Dimension in a Town Called ( Ponyville ) it's a town in Equestria.
by the way its an [ imaginary world ]
Visalia, CA 93292
Trying 2 Help Others Understand there Tech Device's
1. [ Princess Celestia's student ] | 2. [ Cricket Store ]
Current Cricket Phone:
AT&T Moto Atrix HD
Cricket Customer Since:


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