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  1. Google Books updated, promising "better support for 7-inch tablets"
  2. Google wants you to win a Samsung Galaxy Nexus of your own - 10 chances in 10 days
  3. Samsung Skyrocket hands-on and initial review
  4. RAZR arrival, Galaxy Nexus treat [From the Forums]
  5. LG Nitro HD looks to be heading to AT&T, LTE bands intact
  6. Android App Review: Minimal Reader Pro
  7. Fuugo is here to aggregate your video and cure your boredom
  8. Best Buy's Black Friday sale has Samsung Stratosphere in white (and others), free wit
  9. Google Maps 5.12.0 now available - Adds live events for New York, San Francisco, Pari
  10. Notre Dame Sprint ID pack now available
  11. Droid RAZR rooted, but do so with care
  12. Droid RAZR now available from Best Buy Mobile
  13. iFixt cracks open the Droid RAZR, finds Droid RAZR parts inside
  14. Logitech has a Come to Jesus meeting, says Google TV cost it $100 million
  15. Android App Review: Adaptxt Beta
  16. Amazon says Kindle Fire also will have Hulu Plus and ESPN
  17. The last version of Adobe Flash you'll download for mobile (until the next bugfix tha
  18. Android Central Podcast Ep. 78
  19. Motorola Droid RAZR now available from Verizon Wireless
  20. Firefox for Android getting an overhaul to use native Java widgets and UI, will bring
  21. Homerun Battle 3D, root access, and poor communication leads to knee-jerk reactions
  22. Non-removable battery, Annoyed Samsung [From the Forums]
  23. Asus EeePad Transformer update making its rounds, fixes app backup issues
  24. Verizon LTE coming to Roanoke on Nov. 17; Indiana, Penn., in December
  25. Dailymotion Video Stream app announced for Android
  26. Motorola seeking out beta testers for a Motorola Electrify update
  27. Samsung Galaxy Note review
  28. Key meets Kevlar on Droid RAZR
  29. Boulder Dash on Android? Oh, hell, yes!
  30. Google's Matias Duarte details Android's new 'Roboto' font
  31. Taptu announces three exclusive Nook Color apps -- Taptu Fashion, Taptu Food, and Tap
  32. HD Widgets expanded for phones and 7-inch tablets
  33. Gingerbread update coming to O2-branded Xperia X10s in the next week
  34. Amazon Appstore receives 2.0 update ahead of Kindle Fire launch
  35. hhgregg to carry the Nook Tablet, Nook Color, Nook Simple Touch
  36. HTC Sensation XE headed to Orange UK
  37. Preview: ngmoco’s newest RPG, Skyfall
  38. Google reminds up App Inventor shutting down at end of year, download your projects n
  39. New Mobile Nations video feeds, and introducing Stock Talk!
  40. Nook for Android update adds Nook Newsstand
  41. Samsung Illusion device page surfaces on Verizon Infocenter
  42. Express from Sprint set to ship Nov. 18?
  43. RAZR convert, Preview text messages [From the Forums]
  44. The Droid RAZR unboxing gods are not pleased
  45. HTC Rezound arrives at lucky owner's doorstep early, gets unboxed just as early
  46. Joe Mobi launches for Android devices - Build a customized Android app for your Wordp
  47. Behind the scenes with the LG DoublePlay at the U.S. National Texting Championships
  48. Costco selling Droid RAZR with free bonus pack -- HD Dock, HDMI cable, and chargers
  49. Android Mini App Review: PrettyPix HD
  50. Music mix favorite 8Tracks now on Android
  51. Lookout Mobile Security now available internationally
  52. Vodafone Smart Tab listed as coming soon
  53. HTC Ville gets detailed, another device coming next year with next year's specs
  54. How to manually update your Sprint Epic 4G to Gingerbread
  55. Amazon confirms Netflix, Facebook, Pandora and more on Kindle Fire
  56. Adobe makes it official: Adobe AIR now its focus for mobile, HTML5 takes over the web
  57. Sprint makes it official: Gingerbread for the Epic 4G pushes today
  58. Adobe to stop new development on mobile Flash Player
  59. Preview: ASUS Transformer Prime ushers in the Tegra 3 era starting at $499 in Decembe
  60. ASUS Transformer Prime image gallery
  61. ASUS Transformer Prime specs
  62. Nvidia announces the Tegra 3 -- Kal-El brings PC class performance to Android
  63. Microsoft now chasing Huawei for another licensing deal
  64. Google deprecating its BlackBerry Gmail app
  65. HTC Thunderbolt MIUI port gets working data, release to follow soon
  66. WiFi love, Bluetooth 4 [From the Forums]
  67. Gingerbread for the Sprint Epic 4G begins rolling out tomorrow (Nov. 9)
  68. And the winner of the Droid RAZR is ...
  69. Atari's Greatest Hits now on your Android device!
  70. Firefox 8 for Android live in the Market now
  71. Republic Wireless -- a great idea that's not quite there yet
  72. Android Kids App: Radio Disney
  73. Burn the Rope Worlds lands in the Android Market
  74. Griffin and Dijit announce Android-compatible Beacon universal remote control system
  75. Crack the code and win a free Droid RAZR from Verizon and Android Central!
  76. IM+ v5.0 - Now optimized for Android tablets
  77. Rogers wants you to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for the holidays
  78. Test drive the Droid RAZR wallpapers and ringtones
  79. Villo.net coming to Android; brings easy-to-implement cloud services for developers
  80. PSA: New video feeds for the Android Central Podcast
  81. It's OK, Verizon, we've all had that problem
  82. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for T-Mobile available Nov.16
  83. Motorola Droid RAZR Car Dock
  84. HTC Thunderbolt gets a MIUI port; data connectivity still in the works
  85. Rezound vs. RAZR, Dialer data [From the Forums]
  86. Motorola Droid RAZR HD Dock
  87. Android Central has arrived on Google+ Pages
  88. U.S. Cellular announces the Samsung Repp along with a new phone and tablet trade-in p
  89. HTC Edge to be one of the first quad core smartphones in America
  90. Motorola Droid 4 appears again, this time in Verizon internal systems
  91. Google+ Pages now open for businesses and brands
  92. A better look at the Verizon double data LTE promo plans
  93. Sprint announces Ice Cream Sandwich update for HTC devices
  94. Vivid Entertainment announces their own Google TV channel [NSFW]
  95. Nook Tablet hands-on
  96. Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Specs
  97. Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet image gallery
  98. Verizon confirms Droid RAZR goes on sale at 11:11 a.m. 11-11-2011, brings new data pl
  99. Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet officially announced
  100. Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Liveblog at 10 a.m. EST / 7 a.m. PST
  101. Motorola RAZR available today at Rogers locations
  102. Motorola Droid RAZR review
  103. HTC announces first wave of devices destined for Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades
  104. The Week in Android News
  105. Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard brings built-in themeing
  106. Nov. 21 enters the Galaxy Nexus date grab bag
  107. The Galaxy Nexus vs the Droid RAZR vs the HTC Rezound -- Verizon's three amigos
  108. Girls Gone Gadget 01: Premiere [NSFW-L]
  109. AT&T's first LTE Android smartphones available today
  110. Up close and personal with HD SuperAMOLED
  111. Android Central Editors' app picks for Nov 5, 2011
  112. Sont Ericsson Xperia Arc HD (Nozomi) caught on camera
  113. Best Buy drops Nook Color to $199 ahead of Monday's announcement
  114. Costco planning to sell the Galaxy Nexus for $289
  115. HTC makes available a whole mess of new source code
  116. Google+ updated to v2.1.1 - Home screen widget returns, bugs fixed
  117. German courts grant injunction against Apple for Motorola patent infringement
  118. Google TV - Sing your heart out with the new karoke channel!
  119. Taking the root plunge, Xoom 2 talk [From the Forums]
  120. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit now available in the Android Market
  121. US Cellular launching its 4G LTE network in 2012 in six states
  122. Boost Mobile drops the ZTE Warp down to $199
  123. Android 101: How to manage syncing in Gmail
  124. Swiftkey confirmed to come preloaded on the Xoom 2
  125. Amazon introduces Kindle Lending Library to all Kindle owners with Amazon Prime membe
  126. Shocker: Quad-core devices benchmark higher than single- or dual-core
  127. Android App Review: Lapse It
  128. Galaxy Nexus boot, recovery and system dumps now available
  129. Challenge your brain with Revolutionizer for Android
  130. Android Game Review: Star Legends - The Blackstar Chronicles
  131. 'Occupy' protesters, Communications Workers of America to march on T-Mobile store
  132. Android Central Podcast Ep. 77
  133. Swiftkey testing multitouch in its latest keyboard alpha
  134. Samsung re-confirms Nov. 17 as Galaxy Nexus UK launch date
  135. T-Mobile Galaxy S II overclocked to 1.8GHz
  136. Gingerbread's numbers still climbing at Froyo's expense
  137. Girls Gone Gadgets Live!
  138. Broadcasting Now: Girls Gone Gadgets -- Live!
  139. Android Central Podcast - Live!
  140. Nook Simple Touch dropping to $99
  141. Facebook photos, $299 not bad [From the Forums]
  142. Nook Color dropping to $199; new software update brings Hulu Plus, music
  143. Leaked: Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet release date, pricing and full specs!
  144. Hands-on with the HTC Rezound
  145. HTC Rezound Specs
  146. HTC announces the Rezound on Verizon: 'The smartphone revolution is sweeping the worl
  147. HTC Rezound image gallery
  148. Live, tonight, it's Girls Gone Gadgets!
  149. iOnRoad - Using augmented reality for safer driving
  150. HTC Rezound event liveblog starts at 3 p.m. EDT today!
  151. Android App Review: HDR Camera+
  152. Motorola Droid Razr in Verizon stores at 11:11 a.m. Nov. 11?
  153. Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets rooted
  154. Motorola Xoom 2, Xoom 2 Media Edition get priced in the UK
  155. Galaxy Nexus set for Verizon on Nov. 17 as well?
  156. FIFA 12 Xperia Play teaser trailer
  157. Android App Review: SVOX Classic TTS Engine
  158. Google Offers app now on Android; we go hand on!
  159. Motorola announces Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition, coming to UK and Ireland 'mid-Nov
  160. Motorola Xoom 2 specs
  161. Motorola Xoom 2 image gallery
  162. Swype-style gesture input arriving in latest Xperia software update
  163. Apple loses design lawsuit against NT-K (Spain) and is being countersued for damages
  164. Optimus 3D Gingerbread update set to bring faster HSPA+, video enhancements
  165. Rockin' them beats, Galaxy Note in the US [From the Forums]
  166. HTC Sensation and Galaxy S II for T-Mobile get special deals at Costco
  167. Google Reader and Docs updated with ICS makeover
  168. Yahoo! Weather app storms its way into the Android market
  169. Android 101: How to enable / disable screen rotation
  170. Costco to carry AT&T's upcoming HTC Vivid
  171. iOS finally gets a native gmail app, but is it as good as Android's?
  172. Age of Defenders - A unique multiplayer cross-platform tower defense game
  173. HTC Amaze 4G launching on TELUS Nov. 4
  174. Announcing the winners of the Mobile Nations No Tricks, Just Treats Halloween Costume
  175. Duke Nukem ditches the ads after initial complaints
  176. Cellcom of Wisconsin updates its Samsung Galaxy S Showcase to Gingerbread
  177. My Fishing Companion for Android
  178. Gingerbread for original Verizon Galaxy Tab rolling out
  179. LG, on Facebook, says Optimus 2X getting Ice Cream Sandwich, other phones to be decid
  180. Angry Birds hits 500,000,000 downloads
  181. Logitech unveils the Mini Boombox: Rocking and talking via Bluetooth for $99
  182. Droid Bionic maintenance update coming ... eventually
  183. New Android Market pushing out with a few new settings
  184. Up early Wednesday? Catch Phil on the Ausdroid Podcast
  185. PSA: Use the factory-supplied charger and cable when applying the OTA to your Lenovo
  186. Vivid dreams, Watch this [From the Forums]
  187. Android kids app: Scott's Submarine
  188. Google eBookstore goes live in Canada
  189. Splashtop Pro released for businesses
  190. Blue Angels app for Android
  191. Motorola Atrix 2 rooted with manual, one click methods
  192. UK Android faithful reportedly receiving Sky Go in the coming months
  193. HTC Raider now available from Bell
  194. Android 101: How to get notified once per email thread, or for each new message
  195. 8.2-inch Motorola Xoom 2 appears in Carphone Warehouse ad, priced €400
  196. HTC Sensation XL now available in the UK
  197. Duke Nukem 3D for Android now available; we go hands-on
  198. Google+ Tip: How to manage what notifications you receive on your device
  199. Google launching mobile website initiative in ... wait for it ... Mobile, Ala.
  200. Deal of the Day: Mobi Products Honeycomb TPU Case for the HTC EVO 3D
  201. How's the HTC ThunderBolt Gingerbread update treating ya?
  202. Bell to carry the Optimus Eye, aka Optimus LTE
  203. Rogers HTC EVO 3D security update now available
  204. Google Reader website see a major face-lift, new Android app expected soon
  205. Google+ for Android update now rolling out - UI changes and bug fixes aplenty
  206. Rezound announcement, Vivid LTE [From the Forums]
  207. Nyan Droid Live Wallpaper in the Market
  208. Redux for Google TV brings quality, curated content right to your living room
  209. Android Theme Review: Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme
  210. Samsung Galaxy Note European carriers and release dates
  211. T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q to be available Nov. 2
  212. Samsung Galaxy W now available on Three UK
  213. HTC Rezound (aka Vigor) gets a pre-production hands-on
  214. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S review
  215. European Xoom wifi receiving an update to Android 3.2
  216. Barnes & Noble has 'very special announcement' next week; we'll be there!
  217. LG finally ready to release Optimus Gingerbread update to Europe
  218. Last chance to enter the Mobile Nations Halloween contest!
  219. Deal of the Day: Otterbox Commuter Case for the Photon 4G, Inspire 4G and EVO Shift 4
  220. Verizon's original Samsung Galaxy Tab set to finally receive Gingerbread
  221. AT&T gets its first LTE smartphones -- the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and HTC Vivi
  222. Sony Internet TV's Google TV 2.0 update pushing out now!
  223. HTC ships nearly twice as many phones in Q3; profits up 68 percent
  224. Mobile Nations Monday Brief: October 31, 2011
  225. Hailing a cab in London with your Android phone? About time!
  226. Dear Walmart: This is not the EVO Design 4G
  227. The Week in Android News
  228. Breaksclusive: Samsung Galaxy Nexus render with a 4G symbol found lurking on Samsung'
  229. Nascar.com launches their own Google TV app
  230. Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy S Glide possibly coming to Rogers next week
  231. Jolicloud aiming to bring all your cloud services under one Android application
  232. Android Central Editors' app picks for Oct 29, 2011
  233. Editorial: Fun with ‘fragmentation’ charts (or, why you shouldn’t be distracted by sh
  234. HTC rolling out update to Android 2.3.5, Sense 3.0 for Desire S
  235. Pure entering the UK music streaming market, Android app in tow
  236. Barnes & Noble readying themselves for new Nook Color?
  237. Gingeritis 3D, GoogleTV getting love [From the Forums]
  238. HTC releases Gingerbread kernel source for EVO Shift 4G, Thunderbolt, and Droid Incre
  239. GameStop testing the waters of being an Android tablet retailer
  240. Google+ Tip: How to change who can message you
  241. Samsung Italy apparently confirms what we already guessed -- new Tabs, Galaxy S II, a
  242. Dolphin Browser responds to allegations of data mining
  243. HTC EVO Design 4G hands-on
  244. LG Revolution receives its official Gingerbread update
  245. Halloween Costume Contest: E-mail us a photo of you in costume with phone or tablet i
  246. University of Phoenix Android app now available
  247. Google TV 2.0 is announced; updates start next week, new hardware in coming months
  248. Deal of the Day: Seidio SURFACE Case (w/kickstand) for HTC EVO 3D
  249. Android Central Podcast Ep. 76
  250. European Galaxy Nexus availability