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  1. Android Market on the Web is hit-and-miss, we discover a few bugs
  2. Verizon iPhone 4 broke the record for biggest first day sales in Verizon's history be
  3. A recent Verizon iPhone order lucks out, and is out for delivery on Monday
  4. The iPad meets The Daily
  5. iPad's App Store now supports filtering
  6. Samsung Star II Preview
  7. Nokia rolls out 1.1 update for Symbian^3
  8. Official Blogger app arrives on Android
  9. Full video of Honeycomb event now on YouTube
  10. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo previewed again
  11. LG Optimus 2X vs Samsung Galaxy S: browser and chipset benchmark test results
  12. LG Optimus Pad to be introduced during MWC, touted to be the European version of the
  13. Ice Cream to incorporate Honeycomb features?
  14. Samsung hits back claiming the return rate of the Galaxy Tab is 2% rather than 16%
  15. Verizon iPhone 4 ad teases its capabilities: you can even do calls now
  16. Nokia N8 taken to film underwater on the cheap
  17. Burglar arrested after leaving his cellphone charging in his victim's wall outlet
  18. Untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak released, courtesy of the Chronic Dev Team
  19. Motorola Brute i686
  20. Verizon iPhone pre-orders are sold out
  21. Verizon LTE vs T-Mobile HSPA+ vs Sprint WiMAX
  22. LG 231C is now available with Tracfone
  23. Motorola Brute i686 is now available with Southern LINC
  24. The one where we go to Android Mecca
  25. Intuit with Go Payment lets you settle the bill quickly and easily
  26. Android 2.1 and up now on 90 percent of all Android devices
  27. Most Verizon smartphone users are considering switching to the iPhone
  28. Android mascot gets operation to play with new Sony Ericsson smartphone
  29. Microsoft will release new WP7 developer tools, including CDMA updates
  30. Best Buy's Facebook page reveals HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola XOOM launch dates
  31. Burgler arrested after leaving his cellphone charging in his victim's wall outlet
  32. Atrix 4G dock pricing; sideloading on the Inspire 4G [from the forums]
  33. Fragments explained, and will be compatible with Donut
  34. The Economist takes the easy way out with its Android Honeycomb tablet app
  35. Official Blogger for Android app now available in the Android Market
  36. Honeycomb allows for quick-change of on-screen keyboards
  37. AT&T up to its old tricks -- no sideloading apps on the HTC Inspire 4G
  38. HTC Droid Incredible Case Review: Otterbox Defender
  39. Hands-on with the HTC Inspire 4G
  40. SI's Android tablet app a testament to Sports Illustrated's legacy
  41. CLIQ XT won't get Android 2.1 upgrade, Motorola's word as good as dirt
  42. Aava Mobile reportedly set to reveal Medfield-based Android / MeeGo phone at MWC
  43. Verizon Apple iPhone 4 orders are starting to ship
  44. Sprint will be seeing new Palm devices in the near future?
  45. Apple might reveal the iPad 2 at an event next week for developers?
  46. Older data plans will work with Verizon's Apple iPhone 4?
  47. Verizon quietly implements new policy that throttles data speeds for its heaviest use
  48. Android powered Dell Venue is now available unlocked for $499.99 through Dell only
  49. Pre-orders for the Motorola ATRIX 4G go live February 13th; $199.99 on-contract
  50. Sadly, the Motorola CLIQ XT is going to remain stagnant with Android 1.5
  51. Nokia E7 & Sony Ericsson Xperia arc are "coming soon" to Vodafone UK
  52. T-Mobile UK now has a register page up for the LG Optimus Black
  53. Samsung and Verizon pushing fix for the Fascinate's emergency calls, other issues
  54. Barnes & Noble pulling Nook Color for 2 weeks--to ready anti-root measures?
  55. Hands-on with Swiftkey for Android tablets
  56. VLC for Android gets progress update
  57. Skifta Android app nabs DLNA certification: tablets and smartphones now streaming to
  58. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play display stand leaks, carries a "Smart Phone, Smart Gaming"
  59. T-Mobile myTouch 4G priced by Amazon at $29.99
  60. Palm teases us with two videos: Ready to peek into the beyond?
  61. Hands-on with WeatherBug for tablets
  62. Rogers' Samsung Captivate Froyo upgrade source code released
  63. Terrible Towel Android app gears Steelers fans up for the Super Bowl
  64. So you want to crochet your own Android figure?
  65. HTC Thunderbolt in Best Buy circular, pre-orders coming soon
  66. Watch Google's Android event in full: Honeycomb on the Xoom, Android Market website,
  67. Dropcam app comes to Android, lets you monitor your security cameras from afar
  68. Samsung Galaxy SL
  69. HTC Pyramid to have 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon, heading to T-Mobile in Q2
  70. 5 sports apps for Android
  71. Specs for Nokia's MeeGo phone unearthed
  72. The wait is over. Verizon customers can now pre-order the Apple iPhone 4
  73. VoiceActivator adds full-system voice control to the iPhone
  74. Android Honeycomb adds an 'Encrypt Tablet' security option
  75. Keep an eye on your security system with the Dropcam app for Android
  76. Check out this video of the SwiftKey Tablet software
  77. Is Verizon going to keep same data pricing for 4G LTE?
  78. Google Body is the Google Maps of human anatomy
  79. Huawei M750 is now available with Cricket
  80. Dell Streak 7 is now available with T-Mobile
  81. Verizon asks employees to hold off on iPhone purchases
  82. HTC Thunderbolt appears in Best Buy circular
  83. Verizon iPhone found to be more reliable for calling, but slower with data
  84. Apple cracks down on in-app purchasing violations
  85. EXCLUSIVE: Time frame for upcoming Verizon phones
  86. Android Market webstore; not impressed with the DL30 update [from the forums]
  87. Hands-on with We Rule for Android
  88. Fingers-on with Tap Tap Revenge for Android
  89. Dungeon Defenders on a dual-core Honeycomb tablet as awesome as you think
  90. Google Body peels back the layers to get under your skin
  91. Hands-on with Pulse News for Android Honeycomb tablets
  92. Hands-on with Words with Friends for Android (and it's coming this month!)
  93. Google posts Honeycomb event video
  94. Dropcam now available for Android
  95. Fingers-on with Tap Tap Revenge for Android
  96. Dungeon Defenders on a dual-core Honeycomb tablet as awesome as you think
  97. Android Market web store hands-on
  98. BlackBerry App World offers in-app purchasing
  99. Best Buy does a complete turnaround & says they will sell the Verizon iPhone 4
  100. Kyocera S2100 is available for $40 through Virgin Mobile's payLo service
  101. Mobile Hotspot feature for the HTC Inspire 4G is priced at $45 per month
  102. Update page for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is now live
  103. Google Body peels back the layers to get under your skin
  104. Fuze Meeting -- multi-party HD collaboration app for Honeycomb
  105. Hands-on with Pulse News for Android Honeycomb tablets
  106. Hands-on with Words for Friends for Android (and it's coming this month!)
  107. Touchtype launches SwiftKey for tablets
  108. In-app purchasing comes to Android apps
  109. Android Market webstore now online!
  110. Disney bringing Tap Tap Revenge, other games to Android
  111. Google Honeycomb Event Liveblog!
  112. Android Quick App: Honeycomb wall live wallpaper
  113. Android in-app purchases hands-on (video)
  114. Android Honeycomb / Motorola Xoom hands-ons: widgets, Grocery IQ, and Monster Madness
  115. Android Market gets a web store with OTA installations, in-app purchases coming soon
  116. Live from Google's Android event!
  117. Palm Pre 2 is listed in Verizon's CelleBrite system; possible arrival?
  118. Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 is the latest variant & packs a Super Clear LCD display
  119. T-Mobile lights up a few more markets with 4G access today
  120. Dell Streak 7 brings Android tablet love with fast HSPA+ speeds starting today
  121. Dell Venue Pro is sneaking its way onto Rogers some time in March
  122. Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb event: Android Market for the Web and in-app purchases
  123. MWC 2011: What to expect?
  124. Verizon iPhone to be available on February 10 for everyone, you can pre-order a day e
  125. LG Optimus 3D appears in a commercial
  126. AT&T shows off the HTC Inspire 4G in less than a minute
  127. iPad 2 screen probably leaked, to have the same old 768 x 1024 resolution?
  128. Samsung is developing a portrait-QWERTY Android device
  129. T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G is the first HSPA+ phone capable of 21Mbps downloads, coming Feb
  130. T-Mobile G-Slate
  131. Kyocera S2100 is now available with Virgin Mobile
  132. T-Mobile G-Slate release date to be this Spring, features lots of 3D
  133. IEC approves the first universal smartphone charger
  134. Snapfon ez ONE (Unlocked)
  135. Android Market having a hiccup
  136. New Firefox 4 beta for Android released
  137. Verizon sending text messages in regards to DL09 emergency calling bug
  138. HTC Inspire 4G gets official, Sync is currently experiencing problems error [from the
  139. Groundhog's Day - Punxsutawney Phil's favorite Android app
  140. The 411: Where are the prepaid GSM Android phones?
  141. Android Market acting weird -- is it a precursor to tomorrow's event?
  142. Samsung prepping portrait QWERTY Android phone for Sprint?
  143. Rogers Samsung Galaxy Tab now available in white!
  144. Seidio Innocell 1750mAh Extended Battery for Motorola Droid X
  145. Xperia X10 gets pinch-to-zoom update
  146. Coming Wednesday: Live from Google (Liveblog starts at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST)
  147. Google Maps updated, check-in with Latitude added
  148. Google Music and web-based Android Market could be announced tomorrow
  149. Google said to be hiring 'dozens' to boost Android app development
  150. $100 can now get you the Motorola DROID R2-D2 Special Edition
  151. Motorola XOOM Superbowl TV commercial
  152. Amazon slashes the price of the Android powered Archos 5 tablet to $240
  153. Mac support for the Verizon Pantech UML290 4G LTE USB modem
  154. Screenshots hint to possible Gingerbread update for the Motorola DROID X soon?
  155. Apple pushes out third beta of iOS 4.3 to developers
  156. Google Instant Preview feature makes its way to the iPhone & Android
  157. LG Optimus V is now officially being sold through Virgin Mobile for $150
  158. Google Latitude for Android adds new check-in feature
  159. Fuchsia pink version of the BlackBerry Curve 3G is coming out in time for Valentine's
  160. Galaxy Tab sales are 'quite smooth' not 'quite small'
  161. Google Art Project offers hi-res virtual gallery tours
  162. Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco, gets a Motorola Xoom
  163. AT&T Inspire 4G available Feb 13th for $99 on contract
  164. Leaked Froyo ROM for the Fascinate now available for us peasants to try
  165. Archos 5 tablet half off on Amazon today
  166. V for Virgin! LG Optimus V is available today at Radio Shack for $149
  167. Google Latitude joins check-in game with Maps 5.1 for Android
  168. KIN Studio has officially ceased its operations for good
  169. It's set, HTC Inspire 4G is coming February 13th for a mere $99.99 on-contract
  170. HP CEO asks employees to get rid of iPhones
  171. Samsung Galaxy Tab return rate reaches 16%
  172. LG Optimus 2X Review
  173. Gaming on a smartphone - how important is it for you: Results
  174. Sony Ericsson Hallon/Vivaz 2 to be introduced as Xperia Neo?
  175. Analyst claims Symbian is still the top OS, refutes Canalys report
  176. Honeycomb port for the Nook Color now available for download
  177. Mobile data traffic in 2010 three times as large compared to the whole internet traff
  178. LG Optimus 3D is officially confirmed, to come at MWC
  179. Android tablets lower iPad's market share from 95% to 75%
  180. Scoremobile sports app hits Windows Phone 7
  181. Samsung's Galaxy S successor gets a new teaser
  182. Some clarification for Sprint's Premier changes
  183. Android steals Symbian's Top Smartphone OS crown
  184. Samsung teases the next-gen Galaxy S at Samsung Mobile Unpacked
  185. LG confirms Optimus 3D coming at MWC
  186. Honda creates hybrid TV/iPhone app commercial
  187. Motorola Droid Bionic stars briefly on Amazon
  188. Sprint extends 4G roaming to users operating in Jamaica and Taiwan
  189. Gingerbread web browser security flaw exposed, and explained (us, worry?)
  190. Dirty secrets in Android, Men take forever to make up their minds [from the forums]
  191. HTC Evo 4G Case Review: Otterbox Defender
  192. On the road with Android Central
  193. HTC Desire HD listed as 'coming soon' on TELUS website
  194. Quadriplegic sets world record with Swype
  195. MyLanguage Pro adds visual translation and more
  196. BlackBerry PlayBook video demonstrates corporate capability
  197. Windows Phone 7 soon getting cut, copy and paste
  198. Dock for the Motorola ATRIX 4G is found online selling for $59.95
  199. $12,000 BlackBerry Torch 9800 is covered with 18k gold
  200. Motorola Brute i686 for Sprint features protection against submersion for $119.99
  201. Yet another vendor is selling Verizon's Palm Pixi Plus for $49.99 no-contract
  202. Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Player will go live starting on February 4th
  203. TweetDeck for Android updated to v1.0.7 -- Includes Deck.ly support and bug fixes
  204. HTC Inspire 4G interactive demo found online
  205. Screen shots reportedly show official Gingerbread build on the Droid X
  206. Motorola Xoom Superbowl ad takes a shot at Apple
  207. LG G-Slate spotted on YouTube, Google branding visible [video]
  208. Nexus S 'coming to Vodafone Germany'
  209. Can't stop, won't stop -- Android crushes Symbian numbers
  210. Motorola i1Q headed to Sprint Nextel?
  211. Dell Streak 7 coming Feb. 2 for $200 on contract, $450 off
  212. LG Optimus 3D appears in 2D form
  213. Canalys: Android overtakes Symbian as world's best-selling smartphone platform in Q4
  214. Samsung apparantly sold 2 million Galaxy Tabs to its partners & vendors
  215. Photo of the LG Optimus 3D is leaked ahead of its anticipated MWC debut?
  216. HTC Mozart is still planning an arrival on T-Mobile's lineup?
  217. Dell Streak 7 is impressively launching February 2 for $199 on-contract
  218. NPD report shows that Windows Mobile still has a larger market share than WP7
  219. AT&T to offer 20 4G, 12 Android devices in 2011, and make its network 4x faster
  220. White iPhone 4 nearing release
  221. Android steals Symbian's Top Smartphone OS crown
  222. Switching to the iPhone 4? Here's how to set up contacts and email
  223. HTC ThunderBolt coming with love for Valentine's day?
  224. T-Mobile G-Slate shows up on YouTube with 3D camera
  225. LG Optimus 2X HDMI-out demo
  226. Apple iPad 2 is to have a 1.2GHz dual-core chipset, claims Concord Securities analyst
  227. LG Optimus V is now available with Virgin Mobile
  228. Best of Smartphone Experts, 30 Jan 2011
  229. Motorola Milestone X coming to regional carrier Bluegrass Cellular
  230. The Week in Android News
  231. A few more details on Sprint's new 'premium data add-on'
  232. Honeycomb SDK preview MIA?
  233. Motorola Milestone X is the DROID X for Bluegrass Cellular
  234. Video of Honeycomb on Nook Color
  235. HTC Thunderbolt to be launched without mobile hotspot and Skype video
  236. Amazon's $149.99 pricing of the Motorola ATRIX 4G allegedly matched by Costco
  237. Screen shot, leaked (and pulled) video point to possible Feb. 14 Best Buy launch of t
  238. Android Central Editors' app picks for Jan. 29, 2011
  239. LG weather widget from the Optimus 2X system dump
  240. Android 2.3 security bug shows microSD access vulnerability
  241. Leaked rebate sheet confirms new Verizon strategy on rebates for high end devices
  242. Angry Birds Rio set to land on Android in March, and at a theater near you soon
  243. New Verizon teaser page counts down the time until Apple iPhone pre-orders start
  244. Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus V already for sale
  245. YouTube on the Shift 4G, HTC Thunderbolt love [from the forums]
  246. Google sends out invitations for an event that dives further into Honeycomb
  247. Pre-order for the Dell Venue Pro with support for AT&T 3G is spotted online
  248. Google invites the entire world to a Honeycomb preview on Feb. 2
  249. Honeycomb booting on the Nook Color!
  250. Angry Birds Rio coming in March