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  1. T-Mobile to boast no less than 24 data devices in 2011, including many tablets
  2. Nokia BH-218 Review
  3. Cloud gaming technology over LTE demoed by Ubitus
  4. Google Nexus S vs T-Mobile myTouch 4G
  5. Asus teases a slick convertible Eee Pad
  6. Samsung Galaxy S successor to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February
  7. Gingerbread is the first Android version to feature the Ext4 file system
  8. Sprint lights up high-speed 4G Wimax in San Francisco
  9. Updated Music app leaked -- shows off awesome UI overhaul
  10. VLC Media player set to arrive on Android early 2011
  11. The new Android music player caught in the wild
  12. Dell Streak 7 makes FCC appearance with T-Mobile and AT&T in sight
  13. Sprint expands its 4G service to San Francisco on Tuesday
  14. Nokia E7 shows up on Amazon with glorious price tag
  15. Secret Sony Ericsson device photographed by another secret SE device
  16. Angry Frogs seems just a wee bit familiar
  17. SoundHound now offering free, unlimited music recognition
  18. Thunderbolt talk, Slow device charging, contests and more [from the forums]
  19. HTC Thunderbolt 4G gets another sign-up page ahead of CES announcement
  20. Logitech says 'all is well' with Revue (which happens to be out of stock)
  21. Samsung Vibrant and Fascinate Froyo available in Canada - for real
  22. Build-your-own Android TV kit coming from Vidtonic at CES
  23. T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Bluetooth swivel dock review
  24. Samsung expected to show Galaxy Player at CES
  25. Google's next Android Music app leaks out, gives hints of a 3.0 UI overhaul
  26. Just got an Android phone? The best apps, accessories, and tips
  27. Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab to get sequels introduced at CES along with Samsung G
  28. HTC has big plans for Sense UI and LTE, sends out puzzle teasers to prove it
  29. U.S. Congress may reinstate smartphone and tablet use in the House
  30. BenQ R100 tablet launching in 2011
  31. Are $100 Android handsets the future of mobile?
  32. Control your iRobot Create with Cellbots for Android
  33. ViewSonic gTablet kernel source released
  34. Previously unseen high-end Sony Ericsson phone running Gingerbread is spotted
  35. VLC player set to arrive at Android Market in a matter of weeks
  36. Nokia E7 shows up on Amazon with glorious price tag
  37. HTC 7 Pro gets January release date for Europe
  38. Looking forward to CES 2011
  39. Google Nexus S vs Samsung Focus
  40. AT&T launches anti-texting while driving documentary
  41. Google Nexus S vs Samsung Epic 4G
  42. Verizon to get first 4G phone on January 6th?
  43. Apple ups Q1 iPhone 4 shipment target to 21 million units, including the CDMA version
  44. IBM predicts holographic phone calls by 2015
  45. You tell us: Did you get a cell phone for Christmas?
  46. LG Optimus 2X European release date to be Jan 2011
  47. Best of Smartphone Experts, 26 Dec 2010
  48. HTC 5th most profitable handset maker after Apple, Nokia, Samsung and RIM
  49. $99 will now buy you a refurbished Apple iPhone 4 with activation by AT&T
  50. Cyanogen Mod 7 Alpha build now available for Nexus S owners
  51. HTC Thunderbolt showing up in advertising, albeit undercover
  52. More pics of the Dell Streak 7 emerge, appears aimed at T-Mobile USA
  53. Apple iPhone and Android get Inc. magazine app while BlackBerry version is on the way
  54. FS: Samsung Google Nexus S Unlocked - $300 USD
  55. 2011 will see Skype video calling for the Apple iPhone 4 and 3GS over both 3G and Wi-
  56. Get Android for Christmas? Here's how to get started with your new phone
  57. Want Accessible Wi-Fi On Your Android Phone? Get MetroPCS
  58. Merry Christmas from PhoneArena!
  59. Sprint fuels the fire, instigates fight with T-Mobile but gets the facts wrong
  60. ADWLauncher EX brings a whole lot of awesome to your home screens
  61. Motorola CLIQ XT may get permanently shut out from Android 2.1
  62. Robber holds up a restaurant with an iPhone
  63. Best Buy stores host accessories for HTC EVO Shift 4G; price set at $150 with 2 year
  64. T-Mobile's latest NBA ad turns Charlers Barkley into a YouTube superstar
  65. Pakistan-made Photo Editor Suite is the best selling app in the BlackBerry universe
  66. Evo Shift 4G accessories at Best Buy; handset name, pricing appear set
  67. Android Central Podcast Episode 44
  68. Verizon still expecting to get Froyo on the Fascinate by 2011?
  69. Unreal-powered Dungeon Defenders: First Wave now available for Android
  70. Nuu MiniKey for Apple iPhone 4 adds physical QWERTY and bulk to your phone
  71. Motorola sends e-mails touting tablet
  72. Froyo now available for all Samsung Galaxy S phones in the UK
  73. Android 2.2 comes to the LG Ally in February
  74. Sony Ericsson to introduce new Xperia models at MWC on February 13th
  75. Sony to introduce new Xperia models at MWC on February 13th
  76. Dell Streak 7 to get announced by T-Mobile at CES?
  77. 42 inch Google Nexus S on display at Best Buy in San Carlos; try fitting that in your
  78. Leaked video gives us quick look at Acer Tegra-based Tablet
  79. Telus Fascinate Android 2.2 update now available
  80. Bigger is better, right? - Check out this 42-inch Nexus S
  81. Dell Streak 7 television ad slides leak out
  82. Google makes Android Market changes official
  83. New devices coming to the Xperia line at Mobile World Congress
  84. New Dell tablet receives WiFi certification
  85. EA Mobile games now on sale for only 99 cents in the Android Market
  86. Touiteur changes name to Plume [Android Twitter clients]
  87. Dell's 7-inch (or 10-inch) Android tablet gets WiFi certification?
  88. The Angry Birds can now call for help from the Mighty Eagle-for 99 cents
  89. If it's in the game, it's in the Android Market; EA mobile games are now 99 cents to
  90. Samsung Star sales reach 30 million
  91. LG Optimus 2X to hit Europe in Jan 2011
  92. Barack Obama says Steve Jobs is a symbol of the American Dream
  93. iPad 2 rumored to be smaller, with flatter back and smaller bezel
  94. Honeycomb to be released in March 2011 as Android 3.0?
  95. You can't ask for more - hot chicks and Nokia N8's camera showed-off for photography
  96. Honeycomb to be announced in March?
  97. Droid Pro update now available, brings slew of bugfixes and improvements
  98. LG Optimus 2X dual-core Android phone hits Europe in January
  99. Report: Top 5 smartphone manufacturers in 2010 according to their profits
  100. Pakistan-made Photo Editor Suite is the best selling app in the BlackBerry universe
  101. What's it costing manufacturers to build their high-end phones - interactive chart
  102. Sanyo Taho Review
  103. BlackBerry Torch to light up Verizon in Q1, says Kaufman Bros analyst
  104. Google Nexus S flight into space detailed further on video
  105. LG Cosmos Touch Review
  106. Acer Liquid Metal Hands-on
  107. A Verizon-bound LTE-enabled Samsung handset leaked, has a front facing camera
  108. Carrier billing for Android Market purchases rolls out to AT&T handsets
  109. Windows Phone 7 Marketplace adds search by keywords
  110. HTC Thunderbolt: The first to 4G, again
  111. Blur 3.0 update for the Droid 2 leaked and customized
  112. MetroPCS Android phones make roaming Wi-Fi free and easy
  113. Google adds AT&T billing to Android Market payment options
  114. HTC Incredible HD could be HTC Mecha which could launch as the HTC Droid Thunderbolt
  115. Market gets new app categories, AT&T users can charge apps to bills
  116. Verizon Thunderbolt actually is the LTE Incredible HD/Mecha?
  117. Verizon Samsung LTE device outed, sporting front-facing camera
  118. Nexus S gets its first OTA update
  119. Firefox 4 beta for Android is updated
  120. Gingerbread feature: The Android 2.3 keyboard
  121. 10 LauncherPro Plus licenses up for grabs
  122. Droid 2 Global update begins rolling out
  123. Howard Stern channels have gone live on Sirius XM for Android
  124. Another shot of the HTC Incredible HD appears
  125. Eleven new games join OpenFeint army (Also: enter to win their holiday giveaway)
  126. Gameloft's Hero of Sparta free today
  127. Nexus S now available in the UK from Carphone Warehouse
  128. Motorola updates Android OS roadmap; some of you won't like it
  129. Lloyd shows up on a Camaro in Forza 3
  130. Leaked image confirms Epic 4G's Froyo update starts Dec. 26
  131. MetroPCS to pre-install Boingo Wi-Fi app on Android smartphones
  132. MetroPCS Goes Mad For Wi-Fi
  133. Android trademark lawsuit tossed out, Google in the clear
  134. Tonino Lamborghini's Evoluzione runs Android, shares little with an actual Lamborghin
  135. New ad for BlackBerry Bold 9780 shows off WebKit browser
  136. iPad mini shows up in Taiwan, could it be real?
  137. Instagram for iPhone hits 1 million users, next stop – Android
  138. 360 panorama kick-starts gyro-enabled browsing in Safari
  139. LG's exclusive Windows Phone 7 apps
  140. Soon you will be able to use the Force to control your iPad
  141. Video calling on Google Nexus S now possible thanks to Tango app
  142. Vincent Laforet aids aspiring photographers with his Visuals app for iDevices
  143. A few Verizon-branded apps land in the WP7 Marketplace, release imminent
  144. Verizon's LTE might be restricted to Big Red's devices only
  145. Google Nexus S vs Apple iPhone 4
  146. Samsung Zeal Review
  147. Rhapsody for BlackBerry out of Beta, offers library of 10 million tunes
  148. Sony Ericsson LiveView Review
  149. Palm Pre 2 Review
  150. Net neutrality won't apply fully to wireless, Steve Wozniak cries to high heavens
  151. Microsoft to reveal plans for an ARMed tablet version of Windows at CES
  152. WSJ quotes Verizon executive as saying Motorola is building LTE models for Big Red
  153. HTC Incredible HD smiles for its close-up shots
  154. EXCLUSIVE: The day after Christmas dishes up a tasty Froyo treat for the Samsung Epic
  155. Android quick app: X-Plane 9
  156. More pictures of the HTC EVO Shift 4G surface
  157. Did the HTC Incredible HD (aka HTC Mecha) just appear for its close-up?
  158. Take Foursquare for Android with photos and comments for a test drive
  159. iGloLEDset brings the future of interactive lighting and lighter wallets to Android
  160. Sprint's 4G lighting up the San Francisco Bay Area on Dec. 28
  161. Verizon Galaxy Tab drops to $499 sans contract at Best Buy
  162. Epic 4G's Froyo update looking pretty good for a Dec. 26 push
  163. Android Accessories Shipping Special: $5.95 for 2-Day Air shipping on orders over $50
  164. Gingerbread feature: Near Field Communication
  165. Sprint Holiday web offers [Sponsored post]
  166. Playstation phone may be 'Xperia Play,' reportedly will hit stores in April 2011
  167. MetroPCS Goes Mad For Wi-Fi
  168. Devicescape Easy WiFi Solution Chosen by MetroPCS for Mobile Network Offload
  169. FCC: We didn't impose stricter net neutrality regulations on wireless because Android
  170. Swype for Android gets lightweight build with less language support
  171. Moine-Garde offers finely rendered watch apps for indiscriminate Android owners
  172. iGloLEDset is now ready to rave Android-style
  173. Sprint takes its WiMax act on the road to San Francisco on December 28th
  174. EXCLUSIVE: Real photos of the HTC EVO Shift 4G
  175. The day after Christmas dishes up a tasty Froyo treat for the Samsung Epic 4G
  176. PalmPad to feature Sprint's 4G, USB 3.0 and HDMI-out, coming in March
  177. Motorola wants to know if you're ready to "skip a generation" at the CES
  178. WP7 manufacturers have shipped 1.5 million handsets to carriers and retailers
  179. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline out on the App Store
  180. Pantech Vega X to be the first Android phone with desktop-grade DDR2 memory
  181. Samsung Galaxy S outsells the iPhone in S Korea
  182. Macro shots on a fixed focus camera? Now there is a way
  183. The BlackBerry is not working! Neither is Apple!
  184. JCB Toughphone lineup takes a stand with three ruggedized phones
  185. Analyst says the WP7 Marketplace may become the third largest app store by mid-2011
  186. Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone might get delayed until April
  187. The dedicated Facebook app for WP7 updated
  188. HTC Wildfire getting Froyo this week
  189. Gmail Google Voice extends free calls to US numbers through 2011
  190. Google Nexus S delayed in UK, comes cheaper
  191. Nexus One getting Gingerbread in “the coming weeks”
  192. Navmii launches free navigation app with offline map data
  193. Android robot appears on Sheldon's desk in "The Big Bang Theory"
  194. T-Mobile set to offer two MiFi routers within the first half of 2011
  195. Deal Alert: RadioShack offers you some high-end Android love this week
  196. LG WP7 Giveaway: winner drawing and poll results
  197. Dell Venue Pro Review
  198. NEC will have a dual-screen Android tablet to show at CES
  199. Gingerbread ported to the HTC Droid Incredible
  200. SPB UI Engine is a promising cross-platform solution for building 3D user interfaces
  201. Apple caves in, removes the Wikileaks app from the App Store
  202. LG's DLNA feature in Windows Phone 7 explained
  203. 16MP Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot S006 phone poses at the FCC
  204. Sprint acknowledges problems with Samsung Intercept Froyo update
  205. Windows Phone 7's Marketplace grows faster than Android did at launch, doesn't mean m
  206. Some Samsung Intercept owners find their phone in a coma after Froyo upgrade
  207. Nexus One's Android 2.3 Gingerbread update promised 'in the coming weeks'
  208. Samsung Captivate case review: Body Glove Snap-on Case
  209. Swype reopens beta program for all!
  210. SPB Mobile Shell for Android looking for a few brave beta testers
  211. NEC is bringing a whole mess o' Android to CES, including dual-screen tablet
  212. Android mascot sneaks into iPad ad
  213. Google reminds us that rooting and openness aren't always at odds
  214. Google reportedly to delay CES launch of Google TV devices
  215. Motorola to show Honeycomb Android tablet at CES
  216. Verizon to show LTE Android hardware at CES in two weeks
  217. Verizon teases Android LTE hardware for January 6th at CES
  218. BlackBerry Torch is the best smartphone of 2010 according to readers of Laptop magazi
  219. Best Buy discounts the Samsung Galaxy Tab to $499
  220. Verizon confirms LTE enabled Android phones will be on display at CES
  221. Motorola's Honeycomb tablet CES teaser features the new red logo
  222. Third party survey says T-Mobile has the fastest wireless data in the top 100 U.S. ma
  223. Cricket to launch $55 Muve Music plan with unlimited service and music
  224. An investigation points that the majority of iOS and Android applications in this sam
  225. Samsung eyes bada 2.0 release in H1 2011, improved UI and NFC support coming
  226. HTC Knight visits Best Buy's data transfer system, listed as PG0610
  227. Verizon outs Mobile Email 4.0 for push and corporate email on feature phones
  228. LG to boost its Electronics Team with a $18.2 billion budget in 2011
  229. iPhone 4 price drops to $147 at Sam's Club this week
  230. A $12500 SafeCell app brings phone signal to your private jet
  231. Google Nexus S ditches Gorilla Glass leaving screen vulnerable to scratches
  232. Samsung offering limited edition Nexus S -- battery door is peppered with Android log
  233. AT&T buying $1.93 billion worth of spectrum from Qualcomm to help its own 4G cause
  234. Google Nexus S Review
  235. Carriers might start charging for data based on the sites you are visiting
  236. Latest rumor recap pegs February for the CDMA-only iPhone, and the summer for the wor
  237. Nokia India says that the anticipated Nokia N8 update is coming in January
  238. ViewSonic files a trademark application for the "ViewPhone"
  239. Best Buy ditches the restocking fee
  240. Notion Ink Adam demoes its Honeycomb-inspired Eden UI on video
  241. Nokia in talks with Microsoft about using Windows Phone 7?
  242. Best of Smartphone Experts, 19 Dec 2010
  243. Radio Shack will trade your old handset for one of three shiny new models
  244. Dell Venue Pro might also be experiencing the dreaded death grip problem?
  245. TELUS-branded HTC Desire HD shows off for the camera
  246. WSJ reports smartphone apps can (and do) track user data
  247. Install the Gingerbread QWERTY onto your Android 2.2 or 2.1 device
  248. HTC Knight (aka Evo 4G Shift and Speedy) shows up in Best Buy's system as PG0610
  249. The week in Android News
  250. Motorola DROID 2 Global to get bug-fixing upgrade that also improves audio during cal