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  1. Motorola DROID 2 is now available from Verizon only as a Certified Pre-Owned unit
  2. Buy a new Windows Phone 7 handset and get 1 of 4 new Xbox games for free
  3. You tell us: Which phone do you want from Santa this year?
  4. Swype now offers 'micro' build, says Evo users need to uninstall beta before latest O
  5. Bing update brings bookmarking of images and more
  6. E*TRADE Mobile Pro now available for Android
  7. Staples removes the Tegra 2 flavored Viewsonic gTablet from its stores
  8. Nexus S Gingerbread ported to Galaxy S -- not quite ready for prime time yet
  9. Android Central Editors' app picks for Dec. 18, 2010
  10. U.S. Cellular cuts the Samsung Galaxy Tab down to $200
  11. ITU says LTE, WiMax and HSPA+ are now officially 4G
  12. Gingerbread ported to the Samsung Galaxy S
  13. LG Optimus 2X can be pre-ordered in Scandinavia
  14. Palm to release webOS tablet in first half of 2011; low-end webOS teen phone also pla
  15. Verizon contest offers two Apple iPads, two Motorola DROID X handsets and more
  16. How to flash AOSP Gingerbread to the Nexus One [Updated with video]
  17. Nexus S users -- how's your WiFi strength?
  18. Droid 2 Global maintenance update set to arrive soon, fixes Global calling issues
  19. The LG Optimus 2X could be heading to T-Mobile for its U.S. launch
  20. Verizon contest offers two Apple iPads, two Motorola DROID X handsets and more
  21. Verizon drops price of Motorola DROID 2 R2-D2 limited edition phone to $199.99
  22. Get the new Android Market on your new Nexus S
  23. Android Quick app: Need for Speed: Shift
  24. Gingerbread ROMs, Pixelated MMS images and Screen cap apps [from the forums]
  25. Google explains the wizardry that is Google Maps 5
  26. Dungeon Defenders: Bringing the Unreal engine to Android
  27. Samsung Canada pulling Froyo update
  28. Sprint to carry 30 college bowl games via ESPN Mobile TV
  29. Android 2.3 source code being now pushed to the Android Open Source Project
  30. Evo 4G update continues with a new file for other hardware models
  31. Twitter forcing Touiteur to change names, you can help pick the new one
  32. Pandora for Android adds Ford Sync AppLink compatibility
  33. Android 2.3 Gingerbread's source code now available
  34. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave brings Unreal Engine to Android this month
  35. Yahoo! Messenger and ooVoo Mobile do video chat on Android, but only for a lucky few
  36. Foursquare 3.0 coming to Apple iPhone next week
  37. Dell Venue Pro Hands-on
  38. Kindle for Android turns the page to version 2.0
  39. Google Maps 5.0 overview
  40. Analyst: iPad to remain a tablet leader at least until 2012
  41. Motorola working on two DEFY-like rugged handsets, planned for Summer 2011
  42. Verizon customers choose Android over BlackBerry
  43. TeliaSonera launches 4G in Estonia
  44. EA games for the iPhone and the iPad discounted to $0.99 worldwide
  45. Verizon Palm Pre 2 shows up on eBay, release date still unknown
  46. Insider trading investigation linked to iPad leaks leads to four arrests in the US
  47. Google Nexus S already rooted
  48. Official Sony PlayStation app coming soon for Android and iPhone
  49. Flash-playing Skyfire Browser soon heading to the iPad
  50. Teardown of Google Nexus S reveals not so contour display
  51. T-Mobile HSPA+ vs Sprint WiMAX
  52. HTC Aria sees Android 2.2 update -- in Southeast Asia that is
  53. Nexus S camera software sports macro mode
  54. LG 'B' shows up wearing 4-inch IPS display
  55. Kindle for Android updated with periodicals and integrated web store, can be installe
  56. HTC Aria gets Android 2.2 update... but not on AT&T yet
  57. LG 'B' Android phone caught in the wild, looking thin and ready to spank S-AMOLED (up
  58. Chumby releases Android app, not quite as plush as the original
  59. Fossil Connected watch concept displays vital info from your Android or BlackBerry ha
  60. Google Maps 5.0 hits Android, includes new 3D map view and offline Navigation
  61. Windows Phone 7 Marketplace gets two new mapping apps
  62. Title of fastest GPU goes to Samsung's Hummingbird
  63. Dell Venue Pro might be heading to the premier WP7 carrier AT&T as well
  64. Nokia N8 falls to $399 unlocked after a coupon code on Nokia USA
  65. Paramount is releasing app-featured movies for WP7
  66. HTC 7 Pro handset photographed, reveals Touch Pro2 style QWERTY keyboard
  67. BlackBerry PlayBook expected to be released in March
  68. Samsung Intercept to advance to Android 2.2 today
  69. RIM ships record 14.2 million BlackBerry units in Q3, up 40% over last year
  70. Word Lens app is an augmented reality translator
  71. HTC Aria receives 2.2 update, but only in Southeast Asia
  72. Honeycomb now due for February launch as Android 2.4
  73. LG introduces the thinnest and brightest smartphone, the LG B
  74. Google Nexus S is now available with T-Mobile
  75. LinkedIn for Android hits open beta
  76. Nexus S, more Nexus S and some LG Optimus 2X thoughts [from the forums]
  77. Concrete Software announces the release of Aces Jewel Hunt for Android
  78. Nexus S torn down: Touchscreen is flat, no hidden SD card
  79. Vlingo introduces ActionBar and integrates with KAYAK, Fandango and Open Table
  80. Nexus S rooted (to nobody's surprise)
  81. comiXology announces beta release of Android app -- Get comics on the go!
  82. How to unlock the Nexus S bootloader
  83. The Official PlayStation app, coming soon to Android
  84. Bing apps get refreshed on Android, iOS
  85. Facebook for Android updated with chat and push notifications
  86. Pantech P8000 does Android, could definitely be AT&T bound
  87. Google Nexus S Hands-on
  88. Ho Ho Ho! Santa uses Nokia N8 with Ovi Maps instead of Rudolph's nose
  89. Google Maps 5.0 with 3D rendering of buildings now available for free download in And
  90. Google Maps updated with 3D tilt feature, vector graphics
  91. Samsung Intercept's Froyo update may come starting Dec. 17
  92. Nexus S Hands-on Photo Gallery; Update: Video
  93. CyanogenMod 6.1.1 now available for the Evo 4G, Nexus One, G2, myTouch 3G
  94. The Nexus Ninjas return!
  95. Nexus S available online now (with free shipping); stores open at 8 a.m.
  96. Android Skype update brings ability to run to SD, Galaxy S compatibility, but with a
  97. Dell Venue Thunders into Korea this month with Android 2.2 and 4.1-inch Gorilla Glass
  98. Survey: Smartphone adoption according to country and sex
  99. Google Nexus S Ninja unboxing
  100. Nokia solidifies its patent case against Apple, adds 13 insults more
  101. A huge Bing update is now available in the App Store, not so huge for Android
  102. 700MHz spectrum to be auctioned by the FCC on July 19, 2011
  103. HTC EVO 4G updated with Swype and other goodies
  104. The Marketplace hits 4000 apps, HTC outs its own WP7 YouTube client
  105. Are you going to buy the Google Nexus S?
  106. Sprint ZTE Peel Review
  107. Dell Venue to stealthily launch in Korea this month, Dell Venue Pro preorders getting
  108. LG Quantum vs Samsung Focus
  109. Carriers' LTE revenues to reach $200 billion by 2015
  110. Verizon yanks Motorola DROID Pro and Motorola Droid 2 Global from Best Buy, too cheap
  111. Adobe expects Flash Player 10.2 to perform up to ten times better than the current ve
  112. Google App Inventor DIY Android app tool now out of the closed beta
  113. T-Mobile partners with Nokia Siemens for a 650Mbps HSPA network in a few years
  114. LG Optimus 2X
  115. Mobile usage skyrockets to the detriment of other media
  116. Windows Phone 7 'Mango' update expected in late 2011
  117. Mortal Kombat 3 comes to Apple iPhone
  118. Google Nexus S is now available with T-Mobile
  119. LG officially announces Tegra 2 dual-core Optimus 2X
  120. HTC's weather provider appears to be under the weather itself
  121. ooVoo handles six-way video calling on your Android device
  122. U.S. Cellular spreads holiday cheer, makes all phones available for free
  123. Holiday Launcher Pro docks, Evo 4G update, Nexus S contest? [from the forums]
  124. Trillian for Android IM client is out of beta, into the Android Market at $4.99
  125. Case review: Hellbent Green Skull Top Pouch
  126. Posterous releases official app for Android devices
  127. Nexus S live wallpaper available for download [from the forums]
  128. Dialed In 154: See ya, suckers! (podcast)
  129. LG Optimus 2X: first dual-core smartphone launches with Android, 4-inch display, 1080
  130. Android Dreamcast emulator nullDCe gets early video preview, still a work in progress
  131. Bing apps get refreshed on Android, iOS
  132. Google TV gets a major update with new Netflix, movable Dual View, Android remote app
  133. GEICO implements WP7 with customers and employees
  134. RadioShack is offering 3 free Android devices for the holidays
  135. Verizon expected to cannibalize AT&T's share of iPhone sales
  136. LG introduces the speedy LG Optimus 2X, the first handset with a double-core processo
  137. Verizon memo tells employees that Gingerbread upgrade is coming
  138. All phones are free at U.S. Cellular from December 17th through the 24th
  139. Windows Phone 7 coming to Verizon and Sprint next month?
  140. Motorola patents the "Stadia" brand for a possible gaming and fitness device
  141. Novatel's MiFi 4082 hits the FCC, destined for Sprint
  142. Analysts agree with each other - webOS-powered tablet should be available by March, 2
  143. Microsoft hiring a Senior Program Manager to improve the camera quality on WP7 phones
  144. iPhone most coveted by thieves
  145. T-Mobile discounts the prices of the Galaxy Tab and Samsung Vibrant
  146. FCC's Generation Mobile forum focuses on teens and mobile phone use, praises net neut
  147. Infinity Blade to get a free update with new weapons next week
  148. WordPress now available for Windows Phone 7
  149. HTC updates HTC Hub, one step closer to a Sense experience on Windows Phone 7
  150. Dell officially confirms that some Venue Pros will be delayed until January
  151. Gingerbread will appear in AOSP soon after Nexus S ships
  152. Rogers and Fido will unlock your device for $50, provided that you pay retail for it
  153. Best Buy starts sales of the Google Nexus S on Dec 16, 8:00 am EST
  154. HTC will have LTE-ready handsets and tablets in 2011, with NFC chips to boot
  155. Dell Streak falls to $99 at Best Buy
  156. App Inventor now open to everyone
  157. Gingerbread to be in AOSP soon says Googler
  158. Swiftkey keyboard updates with a new HD skin, 5 new languages, holiday trial period
  159. Nexus S kernel source available for download
  160. Nexus S listed as 'in stock' at Carphone Warehouse
  161. Andy Rubin's full All Things D video now online
  162. Vodafone HTC Magic Android 2.2.1 OTA now available
  163. Facebook for Android finally gets chat, push notifications!
  164. Best Buy Mobile proffers list of stores that will sell Nexus S on contract
  165. Android Market refunds, G2 Proximity sensor issues and laggy Evos. [From the forums]
  166. Review: Mobi Products skin case for the Samsung Fascinate and Mesmerize
  167. Swiftkey Android keyboard goes HD, adds new tongues and improved language prediction
  168. Facebook for Android updated with chat and push notifications
  169. Broadcom announces dual-core BCM2157 processor, promises high-end features for cheap
  170. MetroPCS LTE network now on in New York City, Boston and Sacramento
  171. MTV fans can take the music network wherever they go using Sprint's MTV Music ID
  172. MeeGo demoed on a tablet
  173. Samsung ordering up to $350 million worth of dual-core Tegra 2 chipsets for tablets a
  174. Lg mn180
  175. Nokia to overhaul the Symbian interface completely and go dual-core in 2011
  176. HTC Magic getting a dose of Froyo
  177. Will Motorola kick off its tablet just before Super Bowl weekend?
  178. LG MN180 is now available with MetroPCS
  179. Nokia cuts 800 more jobs amidst struggles
  180. Madden NFL 11 now playing on a Motorola DROID X near you
  181. Facebook 1.5 now ready for Android Market
  182. Updated Google Voice Search learns how you speak
  183. The US Army wants to arm soldiers with smartphones
  184. MSI is readying to unveil their 10.1" Android & Windows tablets next month
  185. Android Market update not so welcome for Xperia X10 users
  186. Google acquires mobile payments company Zetawire
  187. Android Voice Search gets personal with personalized voice recognition
  188. Skype updated, now installs to SD card
  189. NookColor getting Froyo and Android Market -- officially -- in January
  190. Xperia X10 goes buy-one-get-one on AT&T
  191. Android Quick App: YouMail Visual Voicemail
  192. New 'StrictMode' Gingerbread API helps developers write better, faster apps
  193. Southwest Airlines app for Android now available
  194. Mock screenshots provide a retro glimpse of Angry Birds in the 90s
  195. Plantronics Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth headset is packing sensor technology
  196. Shipment date for the Dell Venue Pro keeps on getting pushed back
  197. Augmented Reality in Windows Phone 7
  198. Toshiba and Apple join forces to build LCD production factory worth $1.2 billion
  199. Nokia E7 delayed for early 2011, camera samples leaked again
  200. Report: Samsung, Acer, Asus and Toshiba all set to release Tegra 2-powered tablets in
  201. Broadcom moves dual-core Android to the mass market, debuts an NFC chip inside
  202. A new version of Skyfire is available in the Android Market
  203. webOS 2.0 update for existing Palm handsets delayed until early 2011
  204. Mobile Gmail updated, 44 languages now covered
  205. iPhone solves South Korean men's girl problems
  206. Microsoft plans Windows-based tablets onslaught, including the Samsung Gloria
  207. Gyroscope apps and games
  208. Google acquires the mobile payment startup Zetawire on the hush-hush
  209. A rumour states Verizon is set to announce and launch the first LTE iPhone right afte
  210. LG Optimus 2X battles a Samsung Galaxy S again, shows off its HDMI-out prowess
  211. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T examining the option for shared data plans
  212. Which Best Buy store will have the most Google Nexus S phones in stock?
  213. Gameloft is reportedly overcharging Android customers
  214. SlingPlayer for iPhone/iPod Touch updated with HQ video
  215. Nokia adds math homework to mobile devices, boosting S. African test scores
  216. Order your medication refills from your phone with the new Walgreen's app
  217. LG Star could launch as LG Optimus 2X to promote its dual-core power
  218. Words with Friends coming to Android (update: plan on playing your iOS friends)
  219. Best Buy gives detail for Nexus S launch
  220. Refill your Walgreens prescriptions with Walgreens Mobile app
  221. Samsung Captivate case review: Smartphone Experts Skin Case
  222. Smartphone coasters, comparing the Nexus S and did you get a CR-48? [From the forums]
  223. Android Market has been enabled on the NookColor
  224. Bell Samsung Galaxy S phones dying - bad hardware, or bad hacks?
  225. More on the Android Market's redesign (plus: proper landscape design!)
  226. Apple gets proper Google Latitude; stalk your friends from Android
  227. Creative ZiiO pays a visit to the FCC
  228. Huawei Ascend steps up to MetroPCS for $179
  229. MetroPCS Launches Huawei Ascend for $179
  230. Huawei Ascend Android smartphone now available on MetroPCS
  231. MetroPCS Adds to Its Handset Lineup With Affordable Android Phone
  232. MetroPCS Starts Selling Chinese Android Smartphone
  233. All Best Buy locations to sell Google Nexus S at 8am on Thursday
  234. LG Star could launch as LG Optimus 2X to promote its dual-core power
  235. Affordable Huawei Ascend goes on sale through MetroPCS for $179
  236. Palm includes Cow Mode on webOS 2.0
  237. O2 UK expects to push out Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Dell Streak this week
  238. T-Mobile G2 can now be purchased for $49.99 with a contract online
  239. Samsung Galaxy S drenched in white is now available in Germany
  240. Trapster purchased by Nokia's Navteq
  241. Seems like Apple and Google are fighting for Nortel's 3G and 4G patents
  242. A few camera-related patents show what is reasonable to expect from the iPhone 5 and
  243. Rovio's Angry Birds opening their own bank for in-app purchasing
  244. Nimbuzz updates its Android app with HD voice capabilities
  245. Motorola CLIQ 2 heading to T-Mobile
  246. Google Latitude makes a second coming to the App Store, this time it's real
  247. A massive DROID X update is now available
  248. Infinity Blade ranks all-time fastest grossing app
  249. Full NFC support coming to Google Nexus S in the future
  250. Pantech P8000 passes FCC approval, looks reserved for AT&T