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  19. Merry Christmas!!
  20. See you guys thanks for the help and the Roms/themes
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  54. Not sure what I dd or exactly how to fix it.
  55. BlackICE (Theme) FOR EXILE ROM
  56. CRT screen off animation
  57. email
  58. List of system apps to delete
  59. Modified Zerg Root Rush to also flash recovery could use more testing
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  61. Pinch-Zoom for Browser, MetaMorph Themes, and More For Rooted Score Users
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  63. Google translate
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  66. im pretty sure im bricked
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  71. JRummy users
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  76. Android Ad-hoc support hack/wpa_supplicant question.
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  80. possible security vulnerability
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  85. Need help with learning text words...
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  88. trying to understand recovery flashing please help zte score rooted custom recovery
  89. New to Cricket and ZTE Score X500
  90. Rooting
  91. Question about rooting the Score
  92. HEADS UP the ZTE Score is on sale at Best Buy for $40
  93. facebook app 2
  94. Facebook app
  95. Terminal Emulator - #flash_image: not found
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  101. odin
  102. Apps
  103. [ROM] [WIP]Jscore custom rom
  104. Splashtop remote desktop
  105. zte frozen at muve load n wont factory reset help
  106. Re: [ROM] ZTE Score - Stock - Rooted
  107. i have many questions
  108. Kernel base address
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  110. instagram
  111. I need sum help!!!!!!!
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  113. Wtf
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  118. Overclocking Details
  119. hey!
  120. Hope I am able to...
  121. Help?
  122. Phone quality, crashes/freezes... is this normal?
  123. zte score keeps rebooting! helop!
  124. Beats Audio Anyone?
  125. New to the forum and Cricket - most likely getting a ZTE Score
  126. BOOTLOOP aftr hard reset, HAVE STOCK ZIP...WTF do I do now?
  127. Helpppp!! Keep gettin music wave over and over??
  128. Multiple text messeging
  129. What's the limitation if not rooted?
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  131. MultiTouch?
  132. adobe flash player WORKING!!.....??
  133. Camera app?
  134. need zte score help
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  136. What is the GOOD and the BAD about the ZTE Score... buying today
  137. zte
  138. Cant get past Muve Music logo when restarting, stuck in a loop of this loading screen
  139. score
  140. What is SAVE to UNINSTALL after ROOT!?
  141. Removing or Moving System Apps
  142. Now Rooted!
  143. ZTE Score - System Update and Cricket Backup Problems
  144. can u download a app for a led light on yr zte score and make it work?
  145. ZTE SCORE
  147. ZTE SCORE question
  148. Cm7/aosp/themed at all?
  149. camera app wont work!
  150. ZTE Score Digitizer
  151. FYI: Couchbase Mobile Software Incompatibility
  152. Need help please
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  154. recovery
  155. Apps?
  156. Stuck on Logo Screen
  157. ZTE Score
  158. muve music.apk download
  159. ZTE SCORE
  160. how to turn off battery charged alarm
  161. ZTE Score
  162. ZTE SCORE question
  163. Red light?
  164. [Download] ZTE x500 ROM/Recovery Image Links (Gettem while they're HOT!)
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  171. Someone please help me!!!
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  174. Email
  175. Factory ROM dump here.
  176. Score Development
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  178. Ice Cream
  179. Insanely better battery life for ZTE Score and really all android phones / wifi drops
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  182. Muve Msuic app.
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  190. Do do we really need a antivirus on android phones?
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  193. ZTE mobile support site
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  195. Dang-it We need a Rom dump.
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  209. couple questions . thanks
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  211. Can't Hard Reset ;[
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