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  9. Goodbye CDMA
  10. Text message (receivng) outage occurring same days EVERY month
  11. My Cricket app and Cricket User app
  12. How do I use my AT&T iphone3 gs on the cricket network
  13. New Cricket Customer that is Stumped
  14. Texting Short Codes
  15. Unable to send/receive MMS on Iphone 5C
  16. LG G VIsta GPS Issue
  17. MMS to and from Google Voice
  18. 4g & 4g lte does not work on my ascend mate 2
  19. Galaxy S4 Text Messaging not responding
  20. Sending/receiving pictures via texting
  21. Front Royal, VA (540) 305-XXXX - Slooooow mobile data speeds
  22. Activate FM Radio
  23. Why is Cricket slower than straight talk?
  24. MMS Slowness
  25. at&t Note 3 updating issues
  26. gs3 no mobile network
  27. Arlington, mn,Moto G, No signal,7/28/14
  28. Old carrier 4 bars, Cricket gets 1 maybe 2
  29. Htc One M8 Flashed to Cricket. Need data help.
  30. Samsung Galaxy Disover Problems
  31. NO more flashed phones on cricket network(ANY FLASHED PHONE)!!!!
  32. Unable to receive mms
  33. No 1700Mhz, will it work in a tri-band area?
  34. Cricket Voicemail issues
  35. DC/MD - flashed HTC Rezound, got ESN change done here but have no talk/text??
  36. Can't send MMS all of a sudden.
  37. account suspended widh $0 valance
  38. How might Cricket & AT&T signals work together?
  39. How to determine operator of the tower signal I'm connecting to?
  40. Cricket roaming questons charlotte nc sprint htc evo shift 4g on cricket
  41. verizon iphone4 to cricket flashed and data still doesnt work PLEASE HELP IM NEW HERE
  42. AT&T buy out have
  43. No Service in Area Previously Covered
  44. All Cricket phones to go 4g?
  45. Android phone on the cricket $35 Basic plan
  46. Flashed Optimus G - changed MDN, now no data/MMS
  47. Stock Voicemail issues?
  48. pesky "mobile hot spot" page keeps popping up
  49. remote retrieval of txt msgs
  50. Roaming tower down, now back up. How to reconnect my phone to that tower?
  51. Cricket visual voicemail
  52. Help
  53. I get signal but no data
  54. Data Usage
  55. Droid x flashed/ no internet
  56. I have a few questions about Cricket and the phone I'm interested in
  57. I have a few questions about Cricket and the phone I'm interested in
  58. cant activate gopay phone after 7 months
  59. 3G 0.29Mbps downloads (Speedtest.net)
  60. Atlantic city area speeds
  61. evo data problems
  62. SAMSUNG GALAXY II EPIC TOUCH - Caller's can't hear me
  63. Cricket phone tether vs cricket wifi hotspot
  64. Flashed lg vortex no 3g icon after changing number
  65. Huawei Muve 5.0
  66. 3G not working
  67. Epic 4g touch 710 flashed and I was told 3g would work in 24 hours
  68. mms problems on flashed htc thunderbolt
  69. No MMS since ESN change
  70. Cant send Picture messages!
  71. need esn change
  72. All Calls going directly to voicemail...any help?
  73. Galaxy s2 Flashed 2 cricket doesn't receive calls or text
  74. Data Usage?
  75. ZTE Score only getting 1X speed
  76. MMS issues
  77. "Excess SPC Failure" when calling *228
  78. No Longer Getting picture messages
  79. Anyone else with a recent 3g problem?
  80. Please help me i cant receive calls
  81. How to designate a preferred tower while at home
  82. Need Help: Got phone flashed at cricket today and cannot recieve picture mail or send
  83. Tigard Oregon - MMS Error/Transient Error/Profile Update Error
  84. Link removed
  85. Is CID down for you?
  86. Evo 4g poor signal. Bad phone or bad flash?
  87. please send message to a 10 digit number error anyone?
  88. No service, account is paid
  89. Painfully slow 3g speeds
  90. streaming video from Huawei mercury to tv
  91. phone flashed did factory reset now i cant receive or send pictures nor can i connect
  92. Help, not receiving calls, and texts messages taking hours if at all to receive
  93. cricket thinks im tethered
  94. Droid X and Droid Pro.... Used to work fantastic
  95. Cricket Triband Area 3g stopped working
  96. How are the throttled data speeds?
  97. Forced Reboot(s)??
  98. Mercury with problems...
  99. Calls going to voicemail
  100. Cricket Muve ZTE Score won't download anything ?
  101. Is it just me?
  102. internet not working
  103. Can I increase ringing time / duration until caller is sent to my voicemail?
  104. Anybody using the iPhones on Cricket network yet?
  105. 1x Service Problems
  106. Samsung Transfix Only Receives Text Messages When I Dial Out. Can Anyone Help?
  107. Cricket filtering dropbox?
  108. broadband USB not detected??
  109. Houston, TX - Voicemail not working anymore! (Flashed Nexus S 4G)
  110. The Status on 4G Rollout
  111. the worst service in s.a.
  112. Cricket Muve ZTE score phone won't charge
  113. Atlantic City, NJ - Broadband connection drops after 30 min - Large data posted
  114. Droid x2 fully flashed , no service in other area code, 35 miles away from home
  115. knapping
  116. Huawe Ascend 2 muve music sd card.
  117. Cricket Huawei Ascend II not receiving sms
  118. muve music
  119. ZTE score muve music
  120. MMS not working properly since the OTA upgrade for Huawei Mercury
  121. Can't send texts (SMS) but can recieve SMS and send only MM
  122. help gettn data on EVO 3d
  123. Cdma home sid
  124. no internet connection on M886 cricket 2 days old!!
  125. Tethering connection and speed issues
  126. Cant access apps or videos, only browser works
  127. LG Samsung S - I need Flashing help
  128. SMS messages being misrouted
  129. htc incredible flashed at cricket store questions
  130. Missterious problem with Cricket porting a Number...
  131. No data connection, apart from WiFi and bluetooth
  132. htc hero ,It was flashed in january , phone is now crasy....i need help please
  133. ascend 2
  134. Shared Data
  135. Cricket would not activate an account w/o going to the store.
  136. Text Mesg comming to phone as .txt files
  137. Cricket new account
  138. Zte Score
  139. Fully flashed Droid X - Data suddenly lost
  140. ZTE Score
  141. Garbage
  142. phone went crazy......help
  143. Losing internet access due to Cricket Tethering webpage constantly
  144. a question please help me!!!!
  145. Fallen (HTC) Hero
  146. blue tooth
  147. HTC EVO not working in addison tx
  148. outgoing call get a busy signal???
  149. sick of the 1GB data cap? good news!
  150. Cricket making voice calls more efficient
  151. Should I Be Able to Receive SMS (not MMS) Texts?
  152. Grandfatherd $40 plan vs $45 plan (Lost Picturemail)
  153. Random names suddenly appear in contacts lists
  154. WAP Connection Going Slower
  155. Picture messages from verizon customers
  156. 3G ping and speed issues in Phoenix AZ
  157. Cricket ZTE Score deleting multiple emails
  158. Can't activate?
  159. speed test
  160. No android plan with flashed phone
  161. Non activated phones still get internet for free?!
  162. What determines android plan vs $45 plan prl or dial up string number?
  163. issue with sms and data.
  164. HTC merge...anyone having success with the cdma side on cricket???
  165. Aurora, CO- Sending text message error
  166. Outage in Dillon Colorado - 4 days in a row now
  167. need help with EVO 4G flash
  168. Tethering-enabled Cricket Devices
  169. 2 phones working at once - need help
  170. frustrated with low speeds
  171. Wrong phone on account
  172. Slow and mostly stuck picture uploads on 3g
  173. Cricket Network Is Strong!
  174. LOCATION NON-SPECIFIC - Audio Quality Drop Off
  175. How fast is your cricket broadband?
  176. South Texas: I can't make phone calls; I CAN receive calls. Web/Texting is working.
  177. Possible Nationwide Data Outage (9/18/2011 - ?
  178. please help, droid x(gingerbread) no internet, no apps, no mms,
  179. help with frustrating problem on my droid 3
  180. No incoming calls
  181. Mms problems with indulge
  182. No pic msgs for ascend 2
  183. No incoming calls when 1x is on.
  184. Trouble making calls today? Probably from earthquake in northeast
  185. Partner Data Coverage - Old Ascend: great, Ascend 2, not so much
  186. error message 21 cvg
  187. Cannot download music using Muve Music
  188. Cricket System Updates
  189. Airplane Mode turning on by itself?? Help!
  190. No incoming calls: Baltimore,MD
  191. Anyone else having issues? My download speed is 0.04!
  192. Trouble connecting to Google servers
  193. New number included with "unavailable" calls not asking for me?
  194. I've passed 1gb on $55 plan. Now what?
  195. puzzled ....free data?
  196. Harrah, Oklahoma. Whats the best setup for flashed phones in this area
  197. Is.there.another.outtage?
  198. Cricket Muve Music-Service Expired
  199. coverage in Nashville TN
  200. Cricket Coverage
  201. Cricket Deadzones
  202. Had an issue when visiting family in southern IL...
  203. 1 text and an extra copy?
  204. Still getting text
  205. Passing crickets 1gb limit
  206. Crosswave no service on Toshiba
  207. Cricket Data Problem
  208. PayGo getting charged for long distance on local calls
  209. Tulare, Ca./ Droid 2,Gingerbread Zombiestomped on $55 Android plan/ Want EvDo Rev.A
  210. My Experience with Roaming
  211. Text Notifications for Cricket Network Problems and Outages
  212. Nationwide Data Outage (6/19/11 - 6/20/11)
  213. How does Cricket's data service work at the tower?
  214. no data on 55$ android plan
  215. Nationwide Data Outage (6/17/11)
  216. *228 ota issues and wireless signal issues fixed!!!!!(pay close attention)
  217. *228 doesn't work anymore, and my service market has apparently changed...
  218. Chicago, IL - Sending & Receiving MMS issues
  219. Rate Cricket Wireless' Reliability of Voice and Data Services
  220. not receiving calls from T Mobile? (Denver, CO)
  221. Phoenix,AZ/phone not authorized
  222. need help
  223. Phoenix, AZ- Muve music service, and twitter widget not downloading/updating.
  224. Baltimore, MD - no network available
  225. cant stream anymore on my incredible please help!!!
  226. Noticed a strange new "feature" listed on my account online- Tucson, AZ
  227. Poor customer service
  228. Facebook SMS Alerts
  229. No service!
  230. Missed calls/duplicate texts (Baltimore, MD)
  231. Las Vegas (702) - Multiple Texts and Dropped Calls
  232. GUIDELINES: Cricket Network Issue Forum (talk, text, MMS, and Internet errors)
  233. San Antonio, TX - Interesting MMS issue