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  1. Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  2. Reset Android Forgotten Lock Screen Password / PIN / Pattern
  3. S3 cricket PIT file
  4. Random reboots - xposed modules
  5. Fix for Cricket Galaxy S3 Hard Bricks on Android 4.3
  6. Baseband versions ?
  7. APN for R530C Rooted
  8. Muve music gone?
  9. unlock gs3 cricket 4g lte to work on new cricket?
  10. Data issues on CM11-20140707-NIGHTLY-d2lte
  11. Help *RESTORING* S3 to Original Condition
  12. MMS on Google Hangouts
  13. looking for an s5 touchwiz rom for s3
  14. New to Cricket with S3-Overseas(GSM) question
  15. How to root s3 with 4.4.2 now without tripping Knox?
  16. Kitkat via odin
  17. Hard Bricked! Help!
  18. OTA
  19. 10.2.1 can't tether
  20. Can you flash any d2lte ROM on cricket s3?
  21. Sprint galaxy s3 kitkat update
  22. Major Question
  23. is no6 compatible
  24. CDMA SIM and Straight Talk ?
  25. I soft bricked my phone need help!
  26. Galaxy S3 hardbricked itself...Anybody have one to sell for parts?
  27. flashable radio?
  28. Accidentally flashed the wrong ROM, need help.
  29. So long, my friend....
  30. When can we expect the 4.4 update ?
  31. Gorilla glass 2
  32. Help finding new "codes" For S3 4.3
  33. incorrect radio band
  34. Getting OTG to work ?
  35. Need Help
  36. Galaxy s3 Flash Help
  37. Flashed CM11, now no phone or data even on restored backup.
  38. Help with unlocking.
  39. Stock Rom To return for warranty GS3
  40. Help getting Sprint S3 on Cricket?
  41. CM11 Galaxy S3 d2cri APN List question
  42. cm 10.2 galaxy s3 us cellular to cricket flash
  43. parts
  44. # of rings before voicemail
  45. Trouble mounting your CyanogenMod phone to your PC?
  46. Google Wallet works
  47. 4.3 Update !
  48. CyanogenMod 11 nightlys are out
  49. CyanogenMod 10.2 is stable
  50. oc kernal/rom
  51. Sim card
  52. I got sick today...
  53. Samsung galaxy s3 Sim Card
  54. Black Friday
  55. Galaxy SIII flashed to Cricket - cant send mms & more
  56. Hey Android Titan and Stephan Proffit
  57. Samsung galaxy s3 Sim Card
  58. 4.3 update has been pulled this sucks
  59. [Question] Root and flash sprint Samsung Galaxy s3 that has been flashed to cricket?
  60. Unofficial cyanogenmod 11 d2cri
  61. R530C on GSM network?
  62. Rooted S3 want to use OTA update when available please help
  63. 4.3 OTA update
  64. Help putting S3 back to stock no root
  65. Android 4.3??
  66. cl buy issue
  67. Android 4.3 touchwiz
  68. Anyone wanna buy a like new Galaxy S3(Cricket)
  69. Bad ESN S3
  70. CDMA vs GSM
  71. Data Roaming Problem/Issue
  72. How to Get Native MMS Support on Flashed Galaxy S III
  73. Carrier unlock an S3
  74. cricket stock rom on flash phone
  75. Cricket samsung galaxy s3 schr530c
  76. Buying
  77. Unbricking hardbricked d2cri aka Cricket Galaxy S3
  78. use s3 on another network
  79. Warning
  80. update to 4.3 for S3 and the S4
  81. White mods
  82. Activation Problems
  83. Cricket GS3 to MetroPCS
  84. call Cricket to get extra data
  85. why is there not a
  86. s4 keyboard?
  87. Possible?
  88. Blackberry reads My mind...10 Years late th0
  89. cricket sim card for s3
  90. Galaxy S3 lost 4G connectivity
  91. Short cut for hot spot
  92. firmware help
  93. Galaxy S3
  94. Helpful n informative.....every thing I was looking for
  95. I HATE it when...
  96. Needing help to flash to cricket on a rooted Verizon SCH-1535 Galaxy S3
  97. Article: Possible Issues with Muve Music 4.0 and the Galaxy S3
  98. is there a hack where you can keep 3G all the time
  99. Hotshot connection to nexus 7
  100. Sim card help!!!
  101. Need the stock Rom for the Galaxy S3
  102. Cricket bought by at&t.. same phones?
  103. Google Wallet
  104. Pretty Funny What People Think They Know
  105. galaxy s3 no service help?
  106. When will cricket have 4gLTE in the Washington dc area?
  107. Help!
  108. Peoples rom...how do I enable diag mode.?
  109. No 4G in my area??? But I Have an 4GLTE PHONE S3
  110. Rooting my phone to access the hidden unlock menu
  111. Increase S3 in-call volume "somewhat"
  112. Is there a flashable stock kernel?
  113. GS3 Phone Encryption
  114. 4.2.2 Delayed?
  115. request help: stock modem for cricket s3
  116. stock sms/mms
  117. Hard Brick/esn change
  118. Our awesome Galaxy S3 vs. the S4
  119. USB OTG Fried my Galaxy S3
  120. Cricket S3 staus bar changes
  121. Handcent S3 JB setting
  122. Too many PMs
  123. text problem
  124. Post Your Homescreens!
  125. Long time no see
  126. cricket gs3 to page plus?
  127. samsung s3
  128. [keyboard] note 2
  129. [KEYBOARD] AOSP for ALL!
  130. how do i write a prl
  131. stock root
  132. Kernel for cm10.1 ?
  133. hx camera mod
  134. new OTA question
  135. |Synergy Rom " MultiView" for all U.S Galaxy S3′s.|
  136. MMS issues...
  137. New OTA
  138. trick play store
  139. GS3: Samsung Default Keyboard Problem
  140. Thinking of buying a pair of S3s, but I have a couple of questions....
  141. Audio Quality
  142. roms
  143. Apps
  144. help
  145. Dual Boot
  146. Can US Cellular Galaxy S3 be flashed to Cricket?
  147. Sliding messaging pro 5.60 and mms
  148. Themes
  149. What's your battery life?
  150. Update
  151. game
  152. recommend S3 or other?
  153. Help...Can't install jelly bean update.
  154. Text Messages...
  155. Muve music
  156. Cricket is Promoting Sales of the S3 (free flip cover offer)
  157. Voicemail Notification
  158. Mms apk
  159. New update to Jellybean.
  160. Update to 4.1 on Galaxy S3 caused annoying pop up on phone!
  161. My phone shows up as private on custom ROM
  162. Touchwiz Apk
  163. Jelly Bean Keyboard Help
  164. changing boot animation?
  165. Hey!
  166. Does Beats Audio work on rooted Jelly Bean?
  167. Bad ESN Cricket Galaxy S3 on eBay
  168. TW Jellybean & Battery life
  169. SGS3 (ICS) - GPS issues?
  170. help with game
  171. jelly bean updage for sch-r530 now available on samsung site!
  172. when do we the cricket will expand thier 4g lte network?
  173. **Price Watch** Samsung Galaxy SIII
  174. Up coming update and a rooted gs3.
  175. Article: Vote - When do you expect an official JellyBean update for the Cricket Wireless S3?
  176. gs3 update April 2013
  177. Jelly Bean coming to Cricket Samsung SIII
  178. how to unlock samsung galaxy s3
  179. Please Help
  180. Wireless charging
  181. New Samsung Galaxy s4
  182. another problem
  183. not getting a sound when I get a text
  184. 3g service
  185. Google Play Music problems
  186. Got My Rebate Back Today
  187. cricket sucks
  188. help! just bought a galaxy s3
  189. Hey can i buy a Galaxy s3 from craigslist and activate it at cricket?
  190. Will Samsung make JellyBean 4.1 4.2 for cricket.
  191. can it be made or done?
  192. S3 Headphone volume
  193. Galaxy 3S Motion??
  194. HDR pix?
  195. are there any?
  196. Sprint Galaxy S3 to Criket
  197. Anyone else have this problem with calling?
  198. HighSpeed Data running low even on WiFi
  199. Help with voicemail notification icon
  200. Can I transfer my verizon Samsung Galaxy 3 to Cricket?
  201. Question: how to backup stock unrooted rom
  202. has anybody else get this message while using net
  203. has anyone else had this issue with there GS3
  204. Really bad coverage ...
  205. Touchwiz roms
  206. custom ROMs?
  207. Other carriers GS3 can be flashed to?
  208. Vote - When do you expect an official JellyBean update for the Cricket Wireless S3?
  209. If you had your choice of features....
  210. Cricket Galaxy S3 compatible with T-Mobile?
  211. Assigning function to home button?
  212. Galaxy s3: SD card DESTROYER?
  213. Simple way to replace "Samsung Voice" with "Google Voice Search"
  214. why root?
  215. Article: Is your Cricket Galaxy S3 this beautiful?
  216. Beats root app causes soft brick
  217. 1/20 $199 MIR brings Cricket Samsung Galaxy S3 to $300?
  218. How to Unroot S3??
  219. Liquidsmooth JB ROM for GS3
  220. How to root?
  221. [Q] Sprint to Cricket S3
  222. Many issues please help!
  223. Cricket Samsung Galaxy S3 Soft Bricked
  224. How To?
  225. Enable native call recording is CM10 or stock ICS?
  226. Cricket PIT
  227. Possible to flash Cricket S3 to another carrier?
  228. .pit file for stock cricket GS3 rom in odin
  229. Should I get the S3?
  230. Google Wallet on S3
  231. Contacts bug?
  232. Need someone with stock recovery
  233. Cricketusers.com is selling their Cricket Galaxy S3
  234. Root + Beats Audio
  236. rooted stock rom
  237. stock rom
  238. Rooted - Factory Restored,Now Unrooted, Can't re-root
  239. jelly bean..
  240. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Coming to Cricket ***RUMOR***
  241. Article: Cricket's Samsung Galaxy SIII Gets Its First Official CyanogenMod (10.1) Nightly
  242. Last Day For Mail In Rebate Deal-12-29
  243. Need a call recorder that actually works for our model
  244. galaxy s3 stock task manager
  245. Blue or White?
  246. Unlflash a verizon galaxy s3?
  247. Whats a good mms apk to use
  248. Help with restoring galaxy s3
  249. Tried to root phone using normal(non cricket) method need firmware
  250. Update in Development