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  1. NO 45$ plan in Los Angeles,CA. 91103 WTF!!!
  2. evo 4g in austin
  3. help, youtube not working.
  4. Firmware too new?
  5. Flash a EVO back to Sprint?
  6. got full flash. but still on 1xrtt, help
  7. Sprint service center, will they repair phones without a Sprint account?
  8. Anyone else have working 4g??
  9. CDMA Workshop: Failed...cannot read user lock.
  10. Need to Roll over number to CRICKET
  11. evo on cricket
  12. Help needed with flashing
  13. Recommended ROM FOR EVO 4G Sprint to cricket.
  14. Help mms not working on Evo 4g
  15. Problems with 3g and mms
  16. evo 3d flashed, but can't send or recieve mm.
  17. what can i do if my evo is a nun tri band phone
  18. No 3g on my evo
  19. help esn on my evo wont work with cricket
  20. No Cricket account yet but have questions about possibly flashed Evo
  21. spotty 3g on my EVO $45 plan
  22. Htc evo flashing AWS market
  23. Can you switch the lines?
  24. Htc evo help flashing
  25. unrevoked
  26. EVO 4G near Philly
  27. Help with jiminy rom
  28. Help with youtube....EPST settings...etc.
  30. some one hellp i flash my phone but the 3g is the only thing that works on evo 2.3.3
  31. does flash HTC EVO 4G to CricKet work in Northen California
  32. Diag drivers for vista 32bit
  33. Can't make calls?!?!?!
  34. MMS not working for anybody else or just me?
  35. [Root Method] Root / Unlock gb 2.3.3 EVO/EVO 3d
  36. HTC EVO w/ 2.3.3
  37. HTC Evo 4g fully flashed question (possible roaming?)
  38. How to get data/mms on evo 4G
  39. Need help with mms on synergy Rom Rc2
  40. cant send mms but can recieve.
  41. FULL flash htc evo 4g 2.3.3 cricket
  42. flashing back to sprint?
  43. OMG! someone please help.. i'm going mental i need jiminy V all the links are dead. .
  44. Installing HTC diag drivers for windows 7 64bit??
  45. overclock the HTC Evo on Gingerbread: links inside
  46. Newbie Question- Activating and EVO 4g
  47. [rant] OMG WTF?!?! no call history details?!!@##
  48. Almost 3 days of battery life, now at 45%
  49. I cant call out???
  50. EVO Stock 2.3.3 - Talk & Text Working with No Data
  51. got an evo 4g with bad esn. can I
  52. HTC EVO 4G root
  53. Alarm Not Showing in Clock App / MikG 2.4
  54. flashed a new rom!!!! [ROM]+Synergy-RC2-supersonic
  55. installing MMS.apk and adb gives error adb:not found??
  56. Wrong SMS Time Stamp? Here's the Fix!!!!
  57. Evo flashed to cricket only 3g works
  58. Im getting 1X
  59. Adding phone to Cricket
  60. HTC Evo 4g 2.3.3 Internet MMS Not working ~ Can't get Android plan
  61. Ok Here Goes Nothing !! (MikG Here I Come!!)
  62. evo kingdom rom
  63. Tried to connect to WiMAX on my EVO, now internet not working mobile or wifi
  64. I think I broke my service programming :( plz help
  65. EVO only doing 1xRTT, no 3G/EVDO, any ideas?
  66. Should i reflash my evo
  67. Battery Icon Question. Assume Battery Is DONE for :(
  68. Flashed, now Google apps & Market don't work (everything else does though!)
  69. IM thinking about flashing the EVO
  70. Omg..I.think.i.bricked.my.phone...HELP..PLz!
  71. how do i put my evo 4g to gingerbread(is full flashed)
  72. Setting my Evo back to sprint?
  73. MikG v2.00 on HTC EVO flashed to cricket
  74. HTC EVO 4G wont connect to android market and youtube doesnt work
  75. You Tube issues
  76. HTC EVO 4G MMS, Streaming Media Issues ON MIKG2.1
  77. Evo 4g flash to cricket chicago
  78. Use HTC Evo 4g on Cricket 35 dollar plan
  79. Bluetooth not working???
  80. Internet & MMS not work
  81. wrong time setting on regular text and mms
  82. All of a Sudden I dnt send nor recieve mms n YouTube is lagging bad
  83. I'm ready to pull my hair out! MIUI, Cricket, and MMS.
  84. rom MiKG sense 2.1 MMS Issues also youtube and other stream media
  85. drivers of android sdk
  86. sprint to cricket Htc Evo
  87. android market
  88. Htc evo
  89. If i add a new rom to htc evo what will happen??
  90. Getting Error ( Acct Cant be verified) Need Help
  91. FOTA updates on flash EVO
  92. EVO 4G totally stock rom 2.3.3 no mms flashing to cricket i need a fix
  93. Can't get MMS to work on Android $55 plan.
  94. Battery Drain/Lag Fix (Jiminy and Stocker?)
  95. HTC EVO 4G On Android plan Will not send receive MMS after flashing Via Tutorial
  96. Is it safe?
  97. com port?
  98. evo 3g
  99. EVO on $45 plan with working everything but YouTube
  100. Can't keep 3G (EVDO)
  101. What should my roaming setting be on?
  102. Happiness, down Hill...No internet but I have 3g?
  103. SMS problem
  104. I downloaded the latest cm nightly update, #98, phone will not reboot into rommanger
  105. Upgrading Android Software On Rooted / Flashed Evo
  106. I can't sign in into my market
  107. My Internet Nor MMS work...Bought Evo on Craigslist with everything working...
  108. Evo problems
  109. If I sell my fully cricKet flashed EVO 4G...
  110. Evo with GB roms
  111. Can anyone with a working EVO on the Cricket $55 plan share some extra QPST info?
  112. Flashed EVO 4g in St. Louis (AWS Market) and its working... almost
  113. I think I bricked My Evo?
  114. cricket roms
  115. Can't Send Or Recieve mms
  116. cant access epst settings
  117. extremely slow upload speeds (download not too great either)
  118. If I Root My EVO Will I Lose My Flash?
  119. HTC Evo flashed to Cricket Paygo No MMS
  120. Having A Problem
  121. Error message 131 or 67 and generic messages
  122. HTC EVO Flashing EZACK ACCOUNT.
  123. HTC EVO4G no VM notification (Jimminy Cricket V)
  124. Gingerbread and the HTC Evo on Cricket
  125. HTC EVO 4G Flashed to Cricket Issues.
  126. [Tutorial] Full Flash HTC Evo to Cricket: 2.2 Froyo Talk, Text, MMS, Internet
  127. Any one know how to tether on the cricket $45 plan
  128. DDTM and No Incoming Calls