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  1. VOTING THREAD: Flash contest! PAYGo Samsung Vitality and PAYGo ZTE Score
  2. [Contest] Flash contest! Paygo Samsung Vitality and Paygo ZTE Score.
  3. [Contest] CricketUsers Huawei Mercury Giveaway
  4. [Contest] Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones
  5. [Contest] ZAGG Invisible Shield Giveaway for Cricket Huawei Mercury M886
  6. [Contest] CricketUsers.com - Time to Score (ZTE Score) Giveaway
  7. [Contest] CricketUsers.com - Flashed Evo 3D Contest
  8. Free Phone Giveaway (Cast your vote on the phone)
  9. Choose Our New Logo!
  10. Redesign Our Logo (MyCricketForum)!
  11. Cricket Huawei Ascend 2 Contest (M865)
  12. VIP PASS to experience Muve Music™ and win Beat's By Dre headsets!
  13. Cricket Smart Decision Contest