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  1. Huawei Mercury w/ V6 SuperCharger
  2. Petition for kernel release
  3. Source Code?
  4. Mercury ain't all that
  5. Cm7
  6. Rom Team??
  7. **Please Help!!!**
  8. Janky Merc...
  9. Roms
  10. Stock Rom
  11. Help!
  12. [IIP] use merc as a wireless keyboard idea
  13. TOOL : Huawei Mercury Bloatware Removal and Installer All-in-One
  14. Huawei c8860e version of our phone CDMA ICS CREAM SANDWICH .
  15. Miui Honor Rom
  16. i need help with miui on mercury...
  17. Widget bar
  18. Installing Mandatory Update on rooted
  19. List of safely deletable stock apk's?
  20. Reboot after app update or install.
  21. Huawei Mercury (6.22.12) Firmware Upgrade
  22. Random reboots, widgets disappearing - possible cause?
  23. email issues
  24. Need help immediately.
  25. Windshield mounts?
  26. Widgets Fix/ Memory Fix
  27. Huawei Mercury Goes Paygo @ Best Buy?
  28. Recovery Question
  29. SetCPU app on a Mercury?
  30. Big battery drain all of a sudden? How do you track down offending apps?
  31. Cricket or AT&T iPhone4S??
  32. second sdcard?
  33. Will Ship 6/22, Pre-order Now
  34. GoodBye Mercury
  35. Screen Turn Off Animation
  36. Custom contact rings with custom ROM???
  37. Benchmarks?
  38. Stock gingerbread SMS app?
  39. Huawei All Backup
  40. new firmware update not working
  41. Merc battery wont charge ?
  42. So Salas..
  43. Root Mercury without a PC
  44. Muve Music removal for June's firmware update
  45. PotterUnlock Removal
  46. Mercury data issues
  47. Firmware update for the Mercury
  48. ????'s about htc evo 3d
  49. Beats audio
  50. We can overclock to almost 2GHz!
  51. Phone convo goes blank!!!! Or ended!
  52. help
  53. Order & Chaos
  54. beware of fake micro SD cards
  55. help asap plz
  56. Huawei Mercury Firmware update 06-06-2012
  57. can i buy a bigger merc batter ?
  58. Welp!! My merc is Bricked..
  59. What would happen if..
  60. My account app needed
  61. so im thinking of selling my mercury.. bids?
  62. What bloatware to remove?
  63. [CWM] Clockworkmod Recovery (Touch Based) for the Huawei Mercury m886/c8860
  64. Too Much Data
  65. Customizing..
  66. Huawei Confirms ICS DEMO for m886
  67. I Knew It.
  68. Unbrick Huawai Mercury ! Blue Screen of Death FIX !
  69. Huawei Mercury - Status Bar Custom
  70. Can I cheat cricket?
  71. worth it to replace cracked screen or go thru insurance ?
  72. Slow internet
  73. iphone or mercury??
  74. wats wrong??
  75. Mercury 3 finger touch attempt mod - Fail
  76. New iPhone
  77. Picture send issue
  78. Home Screen Screenshots
  79. Revert to stock
  80. My Mercury is freaking out
  81. Mercury Widgets wont stick
  82. FM radio app
  83. Cricket Huawei Mercury No Longer Sold On Cricket's Site?
  84. How to search for Mercury cases
  85. Duplicates In Contact List???
  86. New Smartphone user, need some help
  87. My keyboard for my mercury its working right!!! Help please
  88. Need help with beats audio and blue tooth on mercury.
  89. Alternate power sources and charging
  90. I'm A Noob With Mercury PLZ HELP
  91. Play games with your Playstation 3 Controller
  92. Huawei Mercury losses 3g connection and phone signal
  93. Mercury status buttons disappeared
  94. Any new roms being worked on??
  95. Now that am rooted
  96. How long does ur battery last?
  97. Touchscreen not working... Suggestions please?
  98. Trouble activating Huawei Mercury
  99. Parting Out
  100. I'm having a hard time activating my Mercury
  101. ICS style locker
  102. Mercury won't charge battery.
  103. Quiet output
  104. camera light turns on when phone is off?
  105. Dual boot on huawei merc
  106. New Mercurys now have open SIM slots?
  107. Huawei Mercury extended battery
  108. LCD Backlight is dead, can it be fixed? (Water Dmg)
  109. Rooted!! Now what...?
  110. Launcher
  111. Help with zip
  112. huawei mercury
  113. Huawei Mercury (audio missing?)
  114. Huawei Mercury firmware rollback?
  115. Mercury Firmware update ?
  116. Data Connectivity 3G Access issues
  117. Issue with Notification Bar
  118. Wanna Root
  119. advice for future developer
  120. Google+ Video Hangouts - How do you start one from your Android
  121. what qualifies for mfg warranty replacement?
  122. Possible Fix for Huawei Mercury Video Recording Microphone
  123. How to Add Custom Ringtones to your system folder ... won't default back on reboot
  124. What option do I pick for custom recovery?
  125. Need help with step two on custom recovery please!
  126. I don't know what to do...PLEASE HELP!
  127. So you cant talk with headphones on the merc ?
  128. Possible to get a phone only - no data plan?
  129. This phone should really have a SIM card slot.
  130. Tethering workarounds
  131. Please excuse my noob post...please
  132. Huawei Mercury driving me crazy!!!!!
  133. Beats Audio for CWM - Working on Merc?
  134. replacement FYI, and Fair Warning
  135. this is off topic but.. i need help on my laptop with the 0xc00000142 error xD
  136. Help me out with V6 supercharge
  137. Learning
  138. Huawei Mercury CM7 -xXNubCakeXx
  139. Mercury black out
  140. Mercury or Iphone 4
  141. i need a stock rom for mercury
  142. Huawei Slash screen
  143. Cricket backup app NEEDED HELP !!!!
  144. Left Cricket, left Mercury. It was fun while it lasted.
  145. Anyone know where to get a Mercury repaired?
  146. Mercury Boot Screen
  147. [Release] 2.3.6 iCe ROM
  148. Merc wont boot
  149. App issue
  150. help
  151. CarrierIQ REMOVED
  152. roms n etc
  153. Custom Boot Screen
  154. Notifications stopped working
  155. Microphone doesn't work properly with Google Voice apps
  156. Could a damaged Power plug cause a phone to suddenly not stay awake?
  157. Cm7 possible?
  158. REALLY SLOW DIALER. other dialers like Dialer One / EX Dialer don't help. :( :(
  159. Merc Wont download picture mail HELP !!!!!!
  160. Muve music or not
  161. Best gaming apps
  162. ZTE score opinion
  163. Cricket phones
  164. New windows phone your opinion
  165. Cases for cricket phones
  166. Helping apps
  167. Will a stylus work with the Mercury?
  168. Love mercury
  169. Loving this website
  170. Screenshots!!
  171. Need framework-Res.apk more
  172. [request] We Need to come together.
  173. Usb debugging wont stay on
  174. got tired of waiting for ics on merc.
  175. Mercury help needed!
  176. Battery Died and phone won't turn back on.
  177. new phone 101
  178. muve music .apk
  179. Mercury ICS official update
  180. Huawei Music
  181. Help ... CWM + Revokster and SMS stopped working
  182. What happened?
  183. Warranty
  184. I shattered the screen..
  185. Post Your Revokster Screenshots?
  186. 4 out of 4 signal bars with 3g and no data managment super slow data connection 12kb/
  187. help!! how do I undo the muve update?
  188. Supercharger v6
  189. Play store "Error processing purchase "
  190. Problem with Huawei Mercury
  191. yet another simple question :D
  192. Any Roms besides ICS
  193. Mercury sending Duplicate SMS Messages
  194. could this be possible for the source code on the m886?
  195. Stock Task Manager
  196. Official Thread for Dayemare's cdma ICS rom- project "cdmaICSrom"
  197. Notification Light?
  198. Mercury and AOL mail.
  199. Mercury Theme :)
  200. Factory data reset issues... or, DAMNIT!
  201. v6 supercharger FIXED the Mercury for me. Smooth and Snappy as an Iphone!!
  202. Making the mercury better?
  203. [Download] Muve OTA *PATCHED* for rooted Mercury
  204. stock recovery image?
  205. Muve Music Released
  206. Huawei Mercury w V6 Superharger
  207. Muve Music.
  208. Typing this from ICS
  209. Wireless networks not shutting off on Mercury
  210. Wow!?!!!!
  211. Dont root the mercury if your noobs at it!!!
  212. Just some questions
  213. Cricket 411 removal
  214. mercury going down hill
  215. Dont root the mercury
  216. 3G question
  217. Huawei Ascend D Quad
  218. My Mercury Setup + screens
  219. Review Mercury
  220. Battery life sucks
  221. CWMR issue
  222. I need help plz
  223. cricket mercury with DTS on it
  224. Need someone to post their boot.img please, emergency!
  225. Mercury Ram??
  226. Top Launchers for Mercury and screen shots
  227. [TOOL] Mercury Wiping-Tool
  228. UH OH! Please help!
  229. How to theme so it looks like stock GB..
  230. Mercury will not power on.
  231. Possible To Beat Throttle??
  232. App update/install broken! :-(
  233. Where have M886 Official update Package,or Firmware Down . Thanks!
  235. Problems after root.
  236. Mercury Battery Issue
  237. Pre-Installed App Removal?
  238. mercury backup app
  239. Custom boot animations?
  240. Stock Rom Replacment for Mercury
  241. lost 3g network and my model number
  242. Wallpapers
  243. SNS Notification; What is it? How can I stop it?
  244. Rom!!help
  245. [Bloatware] Remover and Installer for Cricket Huawei Mercury M886
  246. Huawei Mercury MIUI Port
  247. *BRICK ALERT* Rom Manger Warning
  248. Throttle fix??
  249. CRT Animation
  250. Any Custom Roms for Merc Yet?